Restylane® injections to improve lower eyelid bags without surgery

before after photo Restylane lower eyelid bags dark circle

before after photo Restylane lower eyelid bags dark circle

Facial fillers allow plastic surgeons to rejuvenate the face without plastic surgery. In addition to wrinkle relaxers (i.e. Botox®, Dysport® or Xeomin®), facial fillers have become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in plastic surgery offices. Facial fillers (also known as dermal fillers or wrinkle fillers) can achieve a “face lift” through a variety of methods such as reducing wrinkles, enhancing lips, and augmenting cheeks. The results with facial fillers can help maintain and/or refresh without the downtime of traditional plastic surgery. Facial fillers may be used before, after, or in addition to plastic surgery for each patient’s specific goals. Unlike some other cosmetic procedures, another benefit of facial fillers are that they are applicable to a broad range of skin types: light vs. dark, dry vs. oily, young vs. old, male vs. female.

We previously discussed cosmetic treatment of the lower eyelid to reduce dark circles or eye bags. Dark circles and lower eye bags may be present from an early age or develop from the natural aging process. Relatively excess fat immediately around the eyes with an insufficient amount of fat below the eyes often contributes to a valley or “dark circle” where a shadow develops. In some patients, sagging skin and muscle may contribute to the appearance lower eye bags too.

Injections with facial fillers can rejuvenate the eyes without plastic surgery. – Houtan Chaboki, MD

This young woman disliked her lower eyelid bags, which could not be masked with make-up. Similar to many other patients, changes in diet or sleep habits would not improve her dark circles. While lower eyelid surgery is an option even for younger patients, she consulted with Dr. Chaboki to review possible non-surgical methods to improve her appearance. As many busy, professional Washington DC patients, minimal downtime after cosmetic treatment was very important.

The before and after photograph demonstrate Restylane injections in the under eye area over time, showing one year and three year results. The facial filler was placed in the valley of the dark circle, which brought the shadowed area out into the light. She received several syringes of fillers to achieve her desired results. Once achieved, she now comes approximately once or twice a year for maintenance Restylane injections. Notice how her own tissue also seems to improve over time beyond the apparent changes from the facial filler itself. Each patient needs or wants a variable amount of fillers to achieve the personal goals. Dr. Chaboki provides facial filler treatments that are tailored for each patient. She still looks herself, but more refreshed and relaxed.

In addition, her eyebrow has been lifted and more relaxed appearance without Botox injections. We can’t explain this secondary benefit to the upper eye and brow area in this patient, which developed gradually over time. No Botox has been given to the forehead, but the eyebrows are now more relaxed and lifted. We can only surmise how this secondary affect may have occured.

The results with non-surgical lower eyelid lift with filler are immediate, however, it usually takes couple weeks for one’s tissue to “settle” after facial fillers. Results, as with any treatment, is variable. One can always add more facial filler injections or more frequently, as desired, but Dr. Chaboki generally prefers to start slowly. Results with facial fillers under the eyes can last a year or longer for some patients. Any of these hyaluronic acid fillers gradually dissolve over time. Most patients come periodically for light touch-ups to help maintain their cosmetic results.

For those patients who don’t want the facial filler treatments, Dr. Chaboki may offer fat injections and/or lower eyelid surgery with fat, skin, and/or muscle modification as necessary. Facial fillers, however, still play a role for those who have had eyelid surgery to help maintain a rejuvenated appearance after surgery.

Have you considered treatment for lower eyelid bags? Share your thoughts below.

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