Profile Sculpting to the Improve Neck and Jawline

Profile sculpting is a popular procedure in our Washington DC office. Patients often report various concerns such as appearing tired despite having energy, chubby cheeks since childhood regardless of diet or exercise, and/or having a weak chin or round face.

We consider profile sculpting plastic surgery that focuses on the lower face to improve the neck and jawline. Some of the individual procedures in profile sculpting can be done in isolation, but many of our patients usually combined procedures for an enhanced effect.

Profile Sculpting Plastic Surgery

The following are the individual procedures involved in profile sculpting:

  • Chin Augmentation with Fillers or Implant
  • Buccal Fat Reduction
  • Neck Liposuction
  • Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery
  • Nonsurgical Jaw Reduction with Relaxers
  • Nonsurgical Jawline Enhancement with Fillers

You can read more about each of these procedure on our website and blog.

Facial Anatomy

A consultation with Dr. Chaboki includes physical examination of the face, chin, and neck. The underlying fat, muscle, glands, and bone are evaluated in addition to the overlying skin. Each individual’s anatomy help determine appropriate profile sculpting plastic surgery.

Dr. Chaboki on Profile Sculpting

View Dr. Chaboki’s video presentation on profile sculpting below. Contact the office for a consultation.

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