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Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Marilyn Monroe’s Facial Surgery

Celebrity plastic surgery is common and unsurprising nowadays. Many actors get Botox or facial fillers prior to an event, rhinoplasty to reduce a bump or narrow the tip, or a facelift to maintain their youth. However, cosmetic surgery was much less common and a hidden secret years ago in Hollywood. A recent revelation that beauty icon Marilyn Monroe had facial plastic surgery. She was thought to be a natural beauty, but now publicly available medical records show she had some work done. Her medical records, including X-rays, became publicly available via an upcoming auction in Beverly Hills. The seller is taking … Continue reading »

Computer Simulation in Cosmetic Surgery

I remember reading a survey of cosmetic surgery patients’ opinions regarding computer simulation or imaging during the consultation prior to surgery. The survey confirmed what we’ve seen in our facial plastic surgery office. Patients find great value and education in computer simulation, especially when it’s done live with the plastic surgeon himself/herself. Computer simulation not only helps educate patients regarding plastic surgery, but also stimulates discussion so that the patient and plastic surgeon can develop a surgical plan together. Now it is relatively easy to simulate plastic surgery on the computer, such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or facelift. Digital imaging … Continue reading »

Facial Slimming: Botox Jaw reduction or Buccal Fat reduction?

Model Facial plastic surgery to make areas of the face larger or smaller is a common request among many patients. Modern cosmetic techniques provide a variety of options for each facial area, such as the cheeks and lower face. Buccal fat reduction and Botox jaw reduction are some facial slimming options, and many patients who may think their face is “too fat” are unsure which aesthetic treatment would be more appropriate. Buccal fat is a distinct “ball” of fat in the middle part of the face. Some patients are born with relatively more buccal fat, and this facial fat does … Continue reading »

Cosmetic Treatment Options for Lower Eyelid Bags and Dark Circles

Lower eyelid bags and dark circles have many cosmetic treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical. Even patients in their 20’s start considering lower eyelid cosmetic surgery, so it’s not just for “older” patients. As a facial plastic surgeon, every week I see patients who can benefit from any of the treatment options below. The first non-surgical options include basic skin care, tretinoin, and/or chemical peels. Skin creams or ointments than contain agents such as hydroquinone or similar lighteners can help lighten the dark circle for a more even skin tone. Light chemical peels performed in the office will also smooth … Continue reading »

Otoplasty or Ear Reshaping in Adults

Otoplasty, otherwise known as ear pinning surgery, reshapes the ear cartilage for those patients who have protruding ears. The ear cartilage sometimes get too big and sticks out too far, which then draws too much attention. Some women tend to grow their hair long to help cover and hide the ears until they’re ready for otoplasty. The ears generally should not draw attention away from the eyes. Otoplasty is considered in children only after around age 6, once the ears are more adult size. While we don’t see children in our facial plastic surgery practice, I see adults who have … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.