Nonsurgical rhinoplasty: Cosmetic nasal surgery with Botox


Non-surgical facial enhancement with Botox or facial fillers offers several improvements of the lips, cheek, eyes, and forehead without traditional plastic surgery. More recently non-surgical techniques have been used to improve the nose without rhinoplasty surgery. Botox, while commonly used to reduce wrinkles, can also be used to improve the appearance of the nose.

Plastic surgeons and rhinoplasty specialists use 3 methods to improve the nose with Botox, or similar office treatments such as Xeomin or Dysport:

  • nasal bridge to reduce wrinkles, otherwise known as “bunny” lines
  • sides of the nostrils to help prevent widening of the nostrils when one smiles
  • junction of the upper lip and center of the nose to help reduce a droopy tip when smiling
  • upper lip area near nose to help soften wrinkles under nose

Results with Botox develop over a few days. Non-surgical rhinoplasty with Botox is temporary, lasting about 3-4 months. The degree of improvement is generally more subtle as compared to plastic surgery.

Speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon if Botox rhinoplasty is an appropriate option for you. Tell us what you think.

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