Nasal Splints in Rhinoplasty or Deviated Septum Surgery

Splints are commonly used in deviated septum or rhinoplasty surgery. Northern Virginia and Maryland patients often ask how long such nasal splints are used.

Nasal splints may be internal or external. The external splint, or nasal cast, is gently removed one week after surgery. This cast helps to decrease nasal swelling after rhinoplasty, and maintain nasal alignment. The cast is tape to the cheek skin & should be kept dry until your followup with your plastic surgeon or rhinoplasty surgeon. Other methods to reduce nasal swelling with rhinoplasty was reviewed earlier.

Internal nasal splints, which may or may not be used, are also typically removed around one week following nasal surgery. These internal splints are made of silicone and help support the septum & to improve healing. Internal splints may be used for northern Virginia and Maryland deviated septum surgery (septoplasty) patients, but may not necessarily be used for rhinoplasty patients.

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