More Wrinkles with Tanning & Sun Exposure

Everyone should know sun exposure contributes to facial aging and wrinkles over time. Even worse, sun damage is the leading cause of skin cancer. Tanning from either indoor beds or outside direct sun exposure is the most harmful, especially with sun burns and sensitive skin. Maryland skin care patients are always put on sun blocks routinely, from Botox Cosmetic to face lift surgery. While facial cosmetic treatments such as chemical peel and skin care can help reduce sun damage, prevention by using a sun block and avoiding tanning is a better method to reduce wrinkles in the first place.

Medical research has shown a correlation between those who regularly tan with anxiety or depression. Previously, the risk of skin cancer was used to frighten young men and women from tanning (indoor beds or outside sun exposure). However, a recent study demonstrates that the risk of forming wrinkles was a better method to stop people from tanning. In addition to the poor cosmetic results of sun exposure, treating related anxiety or depression may be a more effective method to reduce tanning & sun damage.

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