Full facelift: Rejuvenate from top to bottom

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Plastic surgeons are often asked what is a full facelift, and how is different from a mini lift or short-scar facelift. The term facelift is used by plastic surgeons to generally refer to cosmetic surgery of the lower face, neck, and jaw line. A face lift reduces fat, tightens muscle, and removes excess or sagging skin of this lower facial area via incisions hidden around the ear and/or under the chin. A facelift that addresses the lower face may be called a mini lift, short-scar lift, SMAS lift, MACS lift, deep plane lift, or several other terms based on the specific technical maneuvers performed by the plastic surgeon. Many facelift terms are only marketing terms.

A full facelift addresses the entire face and is considered plastic surgery of the upper, middle, and lower face to reduce signs of aging. A full facelift generally has the following components to various degrees:

  • brow lift
  • upper eyelid surgery
  • lower eyelid surgery
  • cheek lift
  • lower face lift
  • neck lift
  • facial fat injection
  • chin implant

While some patients prefer to do a little bit at a time, some patients take the opportunity to improve their appearance with one recovery period rather than spread out over a longer period of time. A full facelift provides a better aesthetic result as compared to any part of the entire procedure alone.

Speak with a plastic surgeon to see if a full facelift is appropriate for you. Best.

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