February 2019 Newsletter

Breathing through the nose should be effortless. Limited nasal airflow may contribute to chronic nasal obstruction and snoring.

Many structural (ex. bone, cartilage) and inflammatory (ex. swelling, mucous) conditions contribute to nasal obstruction. As a dual board certified surgeon, Dr. Chaboki specializes in procedures to help relieve nasal obstruction.

Individuals with nasal obstruction can report problems sleeping, snoring, sleep apnea, fatigue, or unrestful sleep despite the number of hours sleeping. Even spouses and partners are bothered by nasal obstruction.

Treatment of Nasal Obstruction

A broad spectrum of nonsurgical and surgical treatment options are available for chronic nasal obstruction, such as septoplasty, rhinoplasty, and sinus surgery. The newest method offered by Dr. Chaboki to treat nasal obstruction uses radio frequency (RF) energy.

RF is a relatively new office treatment that may gradually open the nasal passages as target tissue shrinks. Tissue is not removed or cut during RF, a non-invasive approach to reshape nasal tissue. The RF procedure takes a few minutes in the office and performed via awake, local anesthesia. Packing, sutures, casts, and splints are not used. Patient can return to work the same day as desired. Most patients require just one treatment for long-lasting results

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