Fat Transfer: When Can I get more Fat Injected?

Fat transfer or fat injections in the face is a popular cosmetic treatment for facial enhancement and rejuvenation. Fat is a natural and soft injectable filler that has potential for long term aesthetic results. Fat transfer is commonly performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation. Most patients have swelling and bruising after the procedure, which lasts a few weeks.

One can usually have more fat injected, if you feel more volume is needed. Some patients feel they need more fat injected, even before fully healed from the first treatment. Your plastic surgeon may not have injected specific areas of the face for better overall facial balance and harmony. One may not need more fat transferred at all. It’s better to have too little fat than too much injected.

Additional injections may occur after the first injection. The timing, volume, and location of additional injections are determined as needed for each patient.

Speak with your plastic surgeon and ask when, if any, more fat may be injected.

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