Fat Injection: Where can I get Fat Injected?

Many places in the face.

Fat transfer or fat injections in the face is a popular cosmetic treatment for facial enhancement and rejuvenation. Fat is a natural and soft injectable filler that has potential for long term aesthetic results. Fat transfer is commonly performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation. Most patients have swelling and bruising after the procedure, which lasts a few weeks.

The most common area treated is the cheek and midface areas for volume enhancement. The cheeks droop and become hollow with aging, as our natural fat atrophies and tissue sags. Most patients are happy with fat injections for cheek augmentation.

The upper and lower lips are other facial areas for enhancement. Full, soft natural lips may be achieved with autologous fat injection.

The jaw line and pre-jowl area is another option. This fat injection may be an alternative or supplemental cosmetic treatment for face lift surgery. Patients who would benefit from jaw or jowl fat injection are usually older than 40.

The cheek, lips, and jawline are the most common areas for fat injections. Some patients may also benefit from fat in the temple areas, around the eye, and even earlobe.

Some surgeons save fat to be added later for touch-up or minor injections in the office, without IV sedation. Touch-up injections may occur several weeks after the first injection, once a majority of the swelling and bruising has subsided. Most surgeons wait at least 6-8 weeks before considering repeat injection.

Speak with your plastic surgeon and ask where fat may be injected.

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