Fat Injection: Compliment to Facelift Surgery


Fat is a natural component of the skin and tissues of the face, and attractive faces have a youthful fullness to the entire face due to primarily facial fat volume. Unfortunately, this facial fat gradually diminishes over time due to factors such as age and sun damage. While many Washington DC facelift patients request a plastic surgery to lift, tighten, and reduce sagging skin, their facial fat volume plays an important role in a healthy and vibrant appearing face lift result.

Facial rejuvenation with fat injection uses many terms: liposculpture, fat transfer, autologous fat grafting, micro fat graft, fat augmentation, stem cell lift. Fat injection may be performed alone, especially for young patients without excess skin sagging, while fat injection is commonly combined with facelift surgery for other patients.

The cosmetic procedure takes your own fat via liposuction and injects it into areas of the face that require volume. Common treated areas include the following

  • nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • lower eyelid area
  • cheeks
  • lips

Fat should be harvested, processed, and injected with minimal trauma, to allow the fragile fat particles, cells, and living tissue to survive transfer. Some plastic surgeons inject the fat immediately prior to the facelift, while some facelift surgeons prefer to inject immediately after the facelift procedure.

Speak with your plastic surgeon to determine if a fat graft procedure is an appropriate addition for your facelift surgery. Tell us your thoughts on fat injection.

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