Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery in Men

Blog post - before after male facelift neck lift photos
Blog post - before after male facelift neck lift photos

Before and 2 months after a lower facelift, neck lift, liposuction, facial fat injection in male patient. Improved neck and jawline with natural appearance.

No one wants a double chin or a turkey neck. A full neck or submental fullness, whether from excess fat or loose skin, is considered undesirable by many patients.

The number of male patients seeking facial cosmetic procedures are increasing, as more men are putting additional time and effort on their appearance. There is also a greater acceptance of male patients undergoing cosmetic surgery. This growth in the male aesthetic demand comes from men in all areas of life, from millennials to baby boomers.

Aesthetic Options for Male Neck

Men considering treatment for a double chin have several options. Some of these treatments can be performed in younger men, as some are born with a weak chin from an overbite. Facelift and neck lift, however, are generally performed more commonly in men over 50 to tighten loose skin.

  • Chin augmentation – silicone implant placed onto the jaw bone improves definition of the chin, jawline, and neck
  • Neck liposuction – reduces neck fat and tightens skin
  • Facelift and Neck Lift – reduces excess skin laxity and lifts sagging tissue. Read more about facelift and neck lift.

Challenges in Male Neck Lift Surgery

A facelift or neck lift is a good option to consider in appropriate male patients. However, one should understand that results and/or recovery in men will be different as compared to women.

There are many fundamental differences in cosmetic surgery of the male neck vs. the female neck. Facelift surgery is generally considered more difficult to perform in men by plastic surgeons. These challenges may result in prolonged healing or recovery time, even when performed by top facelift surgeons. However, a facelift or neck lift can result in a profound improvement and rejuvenation of a man’s double chin, without looking overdone or “pulled”.

First, the skin of men is thicker and heavier. This increased weight and laxity of the skin may result in more relaxation of the skin after surgery. Plastic surgeons typically don’t over tighten the skin to compensate, but rather are willing to compromise for a natural, but improved neck. Men, as with women, should look refreshed, not necessarily “done”.

Second, facial hair in men add particular issues. Plastic surgeons tailors the facelift to avoid pulling or distorting the beard, hairline, or sideburns. In addition, men’s short hair can’t hide facelift scars around the ears, so the best plastic surgeons utilize camoflouge techniques to blend scars to be less visible.

facelift neck lift scar incision healing time month year

Facelift incision healing in male patient over time.

Lastly, men simply tend to bruise and swell more than women. This is due to multiple factors, including the thicker skin and facial hair. In addition, men are more likely to have medical conditions (ex. high blood pressure) or to be taking medications (ex. blood thinners) that can prolong recovery. Men considering a facelift or neck lift can expect a majority of the bruising or swelling to resolve within a couple weeks.

The decision for what cosmetic surgery to perform is based on several factors. A patient’s specific anatomy and structures of the neck will be a primary consideration, along with a patient’s personal preference. Top plastic surgeons then develop a plan to rejuvenate the neck with cosmetic surgery. For example, neck liposuction alone may be sufficient in some to define the neck and jawline. Others may require a lower facelift for adequate improvement of the neck.

Dr. Chaboki specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face and neck. Consultation can help determine appropriate treatments to consider.

Have you considered treatment for a double chin? Share your thoughts below.

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