Face Lift: Turkey Neck treatment

Treatment options for the turkey neck?

A typical sign of facial aging is the “turkey neck” is . Skin, fat, and neck muscle sag with age contributing to the typical appearance of the neck. The “turkey neck” is a more advanced sign of aging. Early signs of facial aging are chin wrinkles, jowling, and subtle fullness under the chin.

Traditional face lift surgery with liposuction of the neck area is usually a great option. These traditional face lift procedures have many variations and may be called deep plane, extended SMAS, composite face lift, or subperiosteal face lift. However, there is a healing period after surgery approximately a few weeks or longer.

With faster recovery & less downtime, more minimal incision face lifts (mini lifts, minimal access cranial lift, short scar lift, etc) have been developed. Younger patients with earlier signs of facial aging benefit most from these minimal procedures. Older patients with advanced signs of aging may benefit more from the traditional face lift procedures.

Facial plastic surgery is individualized, and there isn’t one face lift procedure that is appropriate for all patients. Age, skin quality, degree of fat, bone structure, and muscle tone are only some of the many factors that a plastic surgeon examines to develop a cosmetic surgery plan. We also consider other medication conditions, smoking, and medications, among other factors.

Speak to a plastic surgeon specializing in face lift surgery to help determine which face lift is appropriate for you.

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