Face Lift Surgery: Mini or Short Scar or SMAS?

A minimal lift for the lower face and neck is a great option with the least downtime for facial rejuvenation. There are many minimally invasive facelift options for the neck and face, which go by several names: s lift, mini lift, short scar lift, macs lift, SMAS, lunchtime lift, etc. These face lift surgery names are confusing. Technically, all these face lift procedures differ a little, but cosmetic results are the same.

Best cosmetic results for face lift surgery in northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC usually combine the facelift with another procedure, such as fat grafting, skin care, skin resurfacing, Botox cosmetic, etc.

More important than the specific technique is the rapport and relationship you build with your plastic surgeon. He/She will be able to fully explain in-person the appropriate surgical option which is right for you, without a sales pitch or pressure.

The name brand choices for face lift surgery may not offer complete care or counseling before/after surgery. In addition, they cannot provide supplemental plastic surgery services that you may want or require for the best results.

Consultation with a face lift surgeon will provide you with a personalized face lift. Speak with more than one plastic surgeon regarding face lift surgery.

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