Face Lift Recovery and Healing

A very common question for Maryland plastic or cosmetic surgeons is how quickly can one return to normal activities after a face lift. Of course, recovery after face lift surgery varies on the specific type of face lift you had, and your body’s natural healing ability.

First, there will be recovery from the anesthesia along with the surgery. Most Maryland patients recover from the anestheisa effects within the first day or two. You should’nt drive or make any major decisions during this early period after anesthesia. You’ll feel tired and gradually regain strength once the effects of anesthesia are gone.

The surgical recovery typically is longer. Mini face lifts (short scar or minimal access) or neck lifts have a faster recovery than traditional face lifts or full face lifts, since mini lifts require less surgery and tissue manipulation. Combination facial plastic surgery procedures in Maryland such as eyelid surgery or fat transfer along with the face lift will have a longer healing period. Generally, most swelling and bruising after facial cosmetic surgery resolve within a couple weeks. You may have residual slight bruising or swelling for longer, however, may still be able to go into public without drawing attention. Plan for at least 2 weeks of recovery, especially when combined with other cosmetic surgery. During this early healing period you should avoid any activity that increases your blood pressure or heart rate, such as exercise, bicycling, sex, or yoga, while light-activity like walking is permitted.

To maximize your cosmetic results, follow the face lift care instructions of your facial plastic surgeon. Lastly, speak with your face lift surgeon regarding any concerns you may have.

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