Face Lift: Incision & Types

Which Face Lift is right for me?

Maryland face lift surgery has changed over the years, as we better understand the structures of the face & neck. Facelift surgery refers to cosmetic facial surgery of the jowls (lower face) & neck. Although there are many different face lift procedure terms, there are really only a few different types. Some basic face lift types are the deep, SMAS, or composite lifts. Face lift surgery may be combined with other cosmetic surgery such as a neck lift, fat transfer, liposuction, or other treatments. All of the face lifts types have an incision in front of the ear, with variable extension of the incision up around the temple or behind the ear & upper neck.

The amount of tissue adjusted or tightened depends on the exact surgical approach & the requirements of a particular aesthetic patient. The minimal incision or minimal access lift performed via a short scar is more appropriate for younger patients (less than 60) or patients with little/moderate skin aging. All of these types of face lifts are variations of SMAS lifts. Older patients or patients with excess skin sagging will require a more traditional facelift procedure with SMAS treatment. By far, a majority of plastic surgeons who perform northern Virginia face lift surgery do a SMAS lift variation. This face lift type generally has the quickest recovery with great results.

One face lift type is not appropriate for all patients. Each facial cosmetic surgery is specific for each patient. Keep in mind, many companies or plastic surgeons may market face lifts by different names, which confuses patients. Speak to a plastic surgeon to determine which facelift is right for you.

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