Eyebrow: Thread Lift or Endobrow

Droopy eyebrows is a common sign of aging, with the tail part of the brow descending the most with age. While thread lifts are an option, this minimally invasive method is also minimally effective. Thread lifts are usually performed by nonsurgeons done with local anesthesia, with results being temporary.

The best cosmetic surgery for the eyebrow is plastic surgery with an endoscopic brow lift, or endobrow. Endobrow surgery is also minimally invasive, performed under IV sedation (twilight anesthesia) or general anesthesia. Several small incisions are hidden in the hair. A small camera is used during surgery to help move and reposition the eyebrow to a better position. Then various methods are used to secure the brow in its new position. Results typically lasts for years.

Speak with a plastic surgeon, to help determine if endoscopic brow lift surgery is appropriate for you.

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