Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery opens the eyes for a more youthful appearance

Woman's eye

Washington DC eyelid surgery patients commonly request plastic surgery to remove excess skin or fat from the upper eyelid. Perhaps they also have decreased peripheral vision from the sagging tissue blocking their vision. Sometime women have increased difficulty applying makeup. More commonly, however, Washington DC patients want to look younger and rejuvenate their natural beauty by reducing wrinkles.

The main goal of upper eyelid surgery is to “open” the eyes and show more of the pupil, not necessarily just  to remove skin or fat. Aging and sun damage contribute to wrinkles and excess tissue around the eyes. This excess tissue descends, which crowds and narrows the eyes and makes one appear older, tired, or angry. Upper eyelid surgery reduces this excess tissue by either removing it or lifting it. After cosmetic upper eyelid surgery, more of the eye itself is visible which universally is more youthful.

Speak with an eyelid cosmetic surgeon to help determine if cosmetic upper eyelid surgery is appropriate for you.

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