Cosmetic surgery education in Las Vegas

Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2016 facial plastic surgeon
Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2016 facial plastic surgeon

Facial plastic surgeons (left to right): Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker (Atlanta), Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich (New York), and Dr. Houtan Chaboki (Washington DC)

In addition to gambling and entertainment, Las Vegas has become a destination center for conferences from around the world. Dr. Chaboki attends a variety of educational conferences around the US to collaborate, teach, and learn about the latest in cosmetic surgery. He works with a variety of plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, oculoplastic surgeons, and dermatologists from around the world at these educational conferences to discuss what is new or outdated in aesthetic medicine. For example, just before posing for a group photograph, Dr. Whitacker, Dr. Vasyukevich, and Dr. Chaboki discuss their facelift and neck lift techniques.

The Vegas Cosmetic Surgery (VCS) conference is an annual multi-disciplinary cosmetic surgery meeting held in the beginning of summer in Las Vegas. It’s a comprehensive conference that focuses on the face, nose, and eyes and recently added breast and body plastic surgery education. Every profession has and needs continuing education, including physicians.

Dr. Chaboki was only able to attend VCS briefly this year due to other commitments, but had the opportunity to answer patient questions for the website He frequently answers patients’ online questions about plastic surgery.

A common request from Dr. Chaboki’s patients is how to improve the appearance of a double chin (i.e. submental fullness). Do they need a facelift? Can liposuction alone achieve their desired results? What about a weak chin? Is non-surgical treatment an option for the neck? We’ve discussed an anatomic approach (skin, muscle, fat, bone) to improving submental fullness in a previous blog post, and Dr. Chaboki briefly answered a patient question in the video below.

Plastic surgeons who attend these conference then take their knowledge back to their practices, whether it’s New York, Miami, or Washington DC. Education and refinement of one’s techniques never ends.

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