Combine Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Many northern Virginia cosmetic surgery patients ask if they should combine plastic surgery procedures. While each individual has a unique treatment plan, it is usually preferred to combine procedures up to a point. The decision to combine procedures is a balance of many factors, and too many or too extensive procedures may contribute to other issues.

The first advantage of combining surgery is that insurance may cover a portion of the procedure, and one may save money on plastic surgery fees. Secondly, tissue modified from one area of the body may be used for another surgical area, such as liposuction and fat transfer, or cartilage from deviated septum repair and rhinoplasty. Lastly, the recovery process following surgery would only be once, and you minimize downtime by avoiding separate procedures.

Disadvantages of combining surgery would include a prolonged recovery time and longer anesthesia. Some procedures should not be combined until one has healed from the first procedure, such as deeper chemical peels or some laser resurfacing with a face lift.

Facial plastic procedures which are normally combined include the following:

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