Chemical Peel: When Can I Excercise?

Each resurfacing procedure and individual patient vary, so there isn’t a single answer.

Most resurfacing procedures (laser, CO2, chemical peel) may be superficial to medium depth in the skin. Deeper resurfacing is less commonly used. Depending on the actual depth of peel, healing may be anywhere from a couple days to a week or more. Regardless, I tell all patients who have a superficial peel to avoid anything that raises blood pressure or pulse for 1 week, and medium depth peels 2 weeks at minimum. This activity restriction includes aerobics, yoga, exercise, heavy lifting, and sex. Sweating and body heat from exercise may compromise your results, and may risk skin infection. Light walking may be started earlier, however.

Lastly, all resurfacing patients must follow the guidelines provided by their cosmetic skin care specialist, plastic surgeon, and dermatologist strictly. Speak with your specialists about any concerns you have regarding your peel.

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