Chemical Peel: Spa or Physician Office?

Where should I get a chemical peel?

Some patients are confused by skin care peels. Salons and medical spas are offering chemical peels, in addition to other non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox Cosmetic or injectable fillers (collagen & hyaluronic acid). Generally, very superficial skin treatments such as fruit peels or microdermabrasion may be performed by anyone (physician, nurse, aesthetician, etc). Some companies sell such peel kits for home use by patients themselves.

Aesthetic results from a chemical peel are primarily dependent on depth of peel, chemical agent & concentration (TCA, Jessner’s, glycolic acid, etc), and your skin quality (thick/thin, dry/oily, color, etc). The physical location (physician’s office versus a spa or salon) itself should not matter. Patients get better results as the peel goes deeper into the skin; however, the recovery time and potential risks are higher. Regardless, any location where skin care takes place must be clean & sterile.

Generally speaking fruit peels are very superficial and do not go deep into the skin. Consequently, the results are minimal and treatment must be repeated multiple times to appreciate an effect. Recovery is quick though.

Any treatment which goes deeper into the skin must be performed by a physician. Lastly, skin care starts before and continues after the peel, which your physician can help manage. Certain skin care products are only available from a physician, such as retinols & hydroquinone.

Speak to a cosmetic physician performing skin care and chemical peels to determine which treatment is appropriate for you.

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