Chemical Peel: Does uneven healing suggest uneven results?

No. But keep a close eye on your skin.

Uneven redness and healing is not uncommon after chemical peels. Different areas of the face and neck heal at varying rates, largely based on the thickness of the skin. Thicker skin of the nose or forehead may recovery much faster than the thin skin of the lower eyelids. In addition, different areas of the face & neck area have received different degrees of sun damage. Areas of more sun damage will appear more red and irritated during the recovery period following a peel.

Although uneven application of a chemical peel might possibly result in an uneven cosmetic outcome, it’s unlikely with medium/superficial peels. Lower strength peels makes any uneveness once all healing is complete even more unlikely.

The most important concern with uneven appearance in skin healing is infection. Your skin is extremely vulnerable after any resurfacing procedure, including peels. Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections are potential complications. Inform you physician immediately if any areas appear infected.

Follow your doctor’s post peel guidelines, and speak with him/her regarding any concern have.

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