Brow Lift: Need Botox after Cosmetic Surgery?

Wait a second! I just had an aesthetic brow lift to help rejuvenate my face. Why do I still need Botox Cosmetic injections?

It is not unusual to need Botox Cosmetic after brow lift surgery.

The need for repeat Botox injection is largely based on what was done during the initial plastic brow surgery. Eyebrow lift surgery not only lifts the brow, cosmetic surgery may also modify the forehead muscles. These same muscles are the ones treated with Botox cosmetic. Active muscles of the face create the dynamic wrinkles, which reveal signs of aging. Muscles which are weakened, removed, or cut during surgery will need less Botox, if any at all. Forehead and brow muscles may be modified with almost any surgical approach to the eyebrow: endoscopic, coronal, pretrichial, direct, transblepharoplasty, midforehead, or lateral brow lifts. Some plastic surgeons in DC, northern Virginia, or Maryland will inject Botox at the time of forehead surgery to help keep the eyebrow in good position.

Speak to your facial plastic surgeon to help plan Botox cosmetic injection and your aesthetic Brow Lift.

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