Brow Lift: Augmentation Too?

Does Brow Lift surgery augment the Eyebrow? No.

Some patients may think brow lift surgery requires placing material into the forehead and brow area to augment or fill the eyebrow. Typical cosmetic brow lift surgery does not need any fillers. Endoscopic brow lift surgery does not augment the forehead, rather this cosmetic surgery lifts and repositions the eyebrow into a more youthful position. Temporary implants or suture material may be used to help hold the forehead and eyebrow in its new position, but these type of implants do not augment.

Forehead augmentation or cranioplasty normally requires more exposure, which is provided via a coronal incision. Patients who have had extensive head trauma, neurosurgery, congenital abnormalities, or cancer surgery may require this reconstructive plastic surgery. None of these patients would benefit from aesthetic endoscopic brow lift, usually.

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