Botox Cosmetic: What Concentration?

Most patients don’t know the concentration of Botox Cosmetic they are receiving. Some frequent Botox users may know the total units they receive. Everyone knows the facial areas they wanted rejuvenated!

For the glabella (between the eyebrows), a total 10-25 units of Botox Cosmetic injected via 4-5 injections is appropriate. Most plastic surgeons and dermatologist use concentrations of either 2.5 units or 5 units per 0.1cc. There is no cosmetic difference with the concentration. Patients with thicker skin and more active muscles may require a little more units than someone else.

Botox Cosmetic takes a little bit of time before you see results. Wrinkle improvement starts within a few days, with maximum aesthetic rejuvenation by 2 weeks after injection. Touch up Botox Cosmetic injections are sometimes needed to achieve the best results.

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