Botox Cosmetic: Long-term benefit?

No one really knows the long-term cosmetic benefit of continuous Botox use. There have not been any good research studies to show a cumulative benefit. There is some evidence, however, that redosing Botox before it has completely worn off will lead to longer term, more effective wrinkle reduction. But does getting Botox continuously for 20 years make a difference? Again, no one knows.

If you are having financial difficulty acquiring Botox, then don’t obtain it. Go back to the basics of good skin care that everyone should follow: Hydration, healthy diet, regular exercise, limit sun exposure, avoid smoking, adequate sleep, stress reduction. These basic guidelines are the fundamentals of good care, and inexpensive too. Your skin will ultimately look better 20 years from now by following these basics, than by regular Botox injections alone.

There is no known harm to long-term use of Botox Cosmetic. Repeated Botox Cosmetic injections every few months may be too expensive for many individuals. How you balance the cosmetic benefit versus the cost will depend on your financial situation, and is a personal decision. Speak to your plastic surgeon or dermatologist about long-term benefit of Botox.

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