Botox Cosmetic: Can it help for Facial Paralysis or Bell’s Palsy?

Idiopathic facial paralysis (ie, Bell’s palsy) is a relatively uncommon condition. Most patients recovery completely, but some may continue to have residual facial paralysis. Every patient who has facial paralysis which includes a comprehensive evaluation of possible causes of the paralysis, which includes blood, MRI, and neurology testing. Patient with chronic facial paralysis suffer from facial asymmetry and may have a functional deficit with eye / visual or oral problems.

Botox Cosmetic may be used for either facial spasms on the same side as the prior Bell’s. Occasionally, facial muscles spasm or contract uncontrollably following recovery of facial paralysis. Botox on the affected side helps reduce these spasms.

Alternatively, Botox may be used on the other side (unaffected by prior facial paralysis) to help relax the facial muscles to improve overall facial symmetry.

Lastly, there may be facial plastic surgery that could be appropriate for your condition. Speak with your plastic surgeon to help identify how Botox or other plastic surgery may be used for your condition.

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