Blepharoplasty: Suture Breaking in Double eyelid?

Creating a double-eyelid is a common operation in the upper eyelid of Asian people. The double-eyelid (crease) is considered beautiful, and is not Westernization. The double-crease has been desired for thousands of years.

Most Asian blepharoplasty procedures in the Washington DC and northern Virginia use a suture from the skin to the deeper muscle, which help create the double-eyelid / crease. These sutures may be either absorbable or require removal.

Sutures and stitches for cosmetic eyelid surgery is only realistically important for a few days/weeks. The appearance of your eyes should not return to the way it looked prior to the surgery. After a few days/weeks, these areas fuse with a little scar & fibrous band. At this point the sutures are no longer required to maintain the crease. If the stitches break within the first day or two, then yes the crease can go away. It’s a simple revision to put a new stitch back in.

Speak with your plastic surgeon or ophthalmologist, if you have any concerns regarding Asian blepharoplasty stitches.

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