At what age is it OK to start Botox Cosmetic?

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As cosmetic surgery becomes more popular, the patients who come to the plastic surgeon’s office become increasingly younger. Adults of all ages are looking to improve themselves with cosmetic procedures. Plastic surgery is already considered appropriate for younger patients who may have structural concerns with bone, cartilage, or fat. Rhinoplasty, chin implant, neck liposuction, and otoplasty are more commonly accepted plastic surgery procedures for the younger patient.Nowadays, however, many young patients are also asking when is it OK to start Botox. These women see their mothers or celebrities getting Botox treatment, may already start seeing wrinkle formation, or want to help delay the onset of wrinkles. For most young adults, most plastic surgeons will recommend basic skin care: sun avoidance, hydration, healthy diet, adequate sleep, and no smoking. Next, skin care with tretinoin ointment (ex. Retin-A) will help keep the skin smooth. This skin care approach is applicable regardless of age.

Botox and fillers are the next step for those younger patients who still see wrinkles or want a little enhancement, after the basics are covered. Botox may generally be started at anytime for any adult over 18. In reality, most women are in their 20’s before starting Botox. Other cosmetic treatments, such as lip enhancement with facial filler injections (ex. Restylane) may be started at this time too. Some cosmetic specialists consider Botox and similar treatments, in conjunction with basic skin care, as a proactive measure to help prevent wrinkles from becoming permanent.

Speak with your plastic surgeon or dermatologist to see if Botox is OK for you. Please share your thoughts below.

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