April 2018 Newsletter

They say that your eyes are the gateway to the soul and this is partly because our eyes are the first area of the face that one notices. Eye bags can leave us looking tired and feeling less confident. There are many reasons that our eyes may appear puffy or swollen.

These dermatologist- and plastic surgeon-approved tips can help with eye bag treatment.

Basic Skin Care

We recommend that our patients begin with non-surgical treatments, which can include chemical peels and basic skin care practices. Such practices include healthy dieting, proper sun protection, and adequate sleep.

Skin Treatments

Skin treatments are used to improve the skin’s quality, improve upon pigmentary changes, and improve the overall appearance of the skin. Even with advanced procedures, we often start our patients off with a custom skin regimen.

Nonsurgical Options

One option is to add volume to the “valley” of the lower eyelid. Facial fillers or fat injections are used to plump up the area in order to help hide the eye bag.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

We offer lower eyelid surgery for our patients who want a permanent change for dark circle and eye bags. Surgery may remove or reposition excess fat underneath the eye and help tighten the skin and eyelid muscles.

Read on for more information on how to best target eye bags.

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