Female Beauty: Transformation of Male to Female Facial Appearance in Caitlyn Jenner

male to female transgender plastic surgery

Female beauty has been studied and analyzed for ages, and women, more often than men, will seek methods to preserve or enhance their beauty. Open eyes, rounder cheeks, fuller lips, smaller nose, and smaller lower jawline are characteristics of feminine beauty. Cosmetic treatments, with or without plastic surgery, allow women to achieve these desired aesthetic results.

One of the biggest female plastic surgery news items now is transgender revelation of Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner). Transgender patients don’t want to be a “man in woman’s clothing”, and as a result may seek plastic surgery of the face and body to become more feminine.

“Feminine enhancement of one’s appearance may require treatments of multiple areas of the face.”

– Houtan Chaboki, MD

As a Washington DC facial plastic surgeon, I’ve been repeatedly asked by my DC Botox patients what procedures has she had done. We know from news reports some of the procedures, but I don’t know exactly what was performed. However, based on photographs and an understanding of female beauty, we can reasonably surmise what cosmetic surgery treatments were performed for her transformation. These potential procedures may or may not have been performed at all. We’re just providing a professional opinion.

Upper eyelid surgery with skin removal and brow lift. She has more upper eyelid “show” and more elevated and arched eyebrows. These procedures open up the eyes, and in transgender patients also can create a more feminine appearance. Specific for female-to-male transgender patients, bone reduction of the brow may have also been performed.

Rhinoplasty. She has a smaller, thinner nose and slightly “scooped” profile with projected tip. All of these nasal features are more prevalent in a more feminine nose as compared to a masculine nose. Attractive male noses are bigger, wider, and possibly with a bump.

Cheek augmentation. Her cheeks of fuller and rounder. The cheek enhancement may have been achieved via facial fillers (ex. Juvederm) or fat injections. However, silicone cheek implants provide a permanent three dimensional enhancement to the cheek area, which she may have had done.

Lip enhancement. Caityln Jenner’s lips appear fuller and with a more defined lip line. Juvederm and Restylane are the most popular office treatments for the upper and lower lips, and commonly performed for Washingtonian women with thin lips.

Jaw reduction. She may have had Botox jaw reduction of the masseter muscle, in addition to a lower facelift, to slim the jawline. Large lower jaw muscles are considered more masculine. Botox slims the face gradually over time. Bone reduction appears to have performed as well, possibly of the angle and chin areas. Plastic surgery of the lower jaw to reduce bone and muscle create a more oval or heart-shaped appearance, which is more feminine.

Hair and makeup. Without a doubt, hair and makeup play a large role to enhance one’s feminine beauty. Facial plastic surgery alone may not be sufficient for transgender patients to achieve their desired appearance and may further enhance their plastic surgery results with hair styling and makeup by professionals.

Other. It appears she had breast implants and may have had laryngeal shaving to reduce the size of the “Adam’s apple”. These plastic surgery procedures are common in transgender male to female patients.

Not all patients require all of these procedures. Your plastic surgeon will tailor the procedure based on several factors, including your specific anatomy and personal desires. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

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