4 tips to help prepare you for your Rhinoplasty


Busy Washington DC rhinoplasty patients may have a lot to think about prior to their cosmetic surgery. To help with the preparation for surgery, we have extensive care instructions for before and after plastic surgery. However, some highlights and tips are below to help you for a successful and uneventful recovery. As always speak with your plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon to review care instructions specific for you and your surgery.

Stop blood-thinners

Many routine over-the-counter drugs and supplements may thin the blood, which will predispose to bleeding and bruising with surgery. Examples include ibuprofen and aspirin, and anything containing ibuprofen. Also all herbs, supplements, and herbal teas should also be stopped for similar reasons. Rhinoplasty patients typically should stop blood-thinners at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.

Pickup your prescriptions ahead of time.

Save time and have one less thing to worry about on the day of surgery. Make sure to get a saline nasal spray from nearby pharmacy or grocery store too.

Prepare your home

Get the refrigerator and pantry stocked, as you may not want to go to the grocery store with a cast on your nose. If you have any pets, you may consider having a friend or family member help take care of them for the first day or two, if possible.

Prepare your recovery area

Have some ice packs or frozen peas ready to place on your cheeks and forehead to help reduce bruising and swelling. Buy a box of gauze pads, tissue paper, and cotton applicators to help catch and clean the inevitable mucous and blood that will come from the nose.

Lastly, always speak with your rhinoplasty surgeon if you have any questions anytime. Please share your thoughts below.

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