3 Stitch Neck Lift

Blog post - 3 stitch neck lift liposuction double chin
Blog post - 3 stitch neck lift liposuction double chin

3 stitch neck lift by Dr. Chaboki

A full or sagging neck is a common complaint seen in plastic surgery offices. Full necks and double chins are not just from being overweight, but rather due to multiple factors. In our Washington DC cosmetic surgery office, we see many young and healthy weight patients with a double chin.

Plastic surgeons tailor the procedure to the needs of each patient. During a plastic surgery consultation with Dr. Chaboki, an evaluation will help determine the cause of double chin. A neck lift can address the fat, muscle, skin, and/or bone. A 3 stitch neck lift can address a sagging or full neck in appropriate candidates.

What is the 3 stitch neck lift?

The 3 stitch neck lift is plastic surgery of the upper neck and chin area. This procedure uses liposuction to sculpt and tighten the neck and jawline. Only 3 stitches are used in this cosmetic procedure and dissolve with time. No skin is removed. The 3 stitch neck lift involves a single stitch under the chin and behind each earlobe to treat adequately address the neck and jawline. The procedure takes less than an hour.

A 3 stitch neck lift is not a thread lift. There aren’t internal stitches or threads that pull the skin or tissue.

What is neck liposuction?

Neck liposuction is very common in plastic surgery practices and may include a small focused area or a broad region of the neck, jawline, jowls, and chin. Dr. Chaboki generally prefers neck contouring procedures that are least invasive yet provide aesthetic improvement. Other terms that have been used to describe this chin procedure include:

  • chin liposuction
  • submental liposuction

Neck liposuction can use one or more stitches based on the needs of each patient. The 3 stitch neck lift can be considered a subtype of neck liposuction.

How does 3 stitch neck lift work?

Neck liposuction via the 3 skin entry points not only addresses excess fat, but also tightens skin and tissue. The 3 stitch neck lift is a minimally-invasive contouring procedure that may give facelift-like results in appropriate patients by the combined lipolysis (fat breakdown) and tissue remodeling that occurs with the procedure.

Skin tightening and remodeling do not occur immediately, but rather gradually develop over time to various degrees. Some tighten more than others. While some results may be evident immediately, results mature over several months.

Not everyone may be a candidate for a 3 stitch neck lift. Patients with very loose skin (i.e. turkey neck) or skin laxity will require a lower facelift with skin removal, in conjunction with liposuction, to remove tissue in order to adequately achieve desired results. Thread lifts do not work for these skin laxity patients either. Patients with a weak chin bone often need chin augmentation to adequately lift the neck.

Blog post - 3 stitch neck lift liposuction double chin

3 stitch neck lift by Dr. Chaboki

Can the 3 stitch neck lift be combined with other cosmetic surgery?


As with many plastic surgery procedures, a 3 stitch neck lift can be combined with other procedures for a more significant enhancement in appearance.

While the 3 stitch neck lift is a great option on its own, many patients choose to combine procedures for an enhanced affect. Complimentary procedures to this type of neck lift include

How is recovery after the 3 stitch neck lift?

The 3 stitch neck lift takes less than an hour when performed alone. The area is numbed with a anesthetic solution (tumescent) which reduces pain, swelling, and bruising. Very small incisions are placed under the chin and behind each earlobe (one stitch each location) which allow the plastic surgeon to sculpt neck fat and tighten tissue of the neck and jawline.

An elastic chin support strap is worn during the initial recovery period. Patients typically return to work very soon after the procedure, as the recovery usually has minimal bruising or swelling. Overall, downtime has been often described as minimal by many patients.

Read more about chin liposuction recovery from an actual patient of Dr. Chaboki, a specialist in cosmetic surgery.

What is the best method to reduce a Double Chin?

An evaluation by a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in a variety of face and neck procedures can help you determine what is the “best” procedure for you. Your specific anatomy (i.e. fat, skin, bone, etc), along with recovery time, budget, and medical history are some of the factors that can affect the decision between you and your plastic surgeon.

See if you’re a candidate for a 3 stitch neck lift. Contact the office to schedule a consultation.

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