1 week after otoplasty, cosmetic ear surgery

Blog post - before after 1 week otoplasty cosmetic ear surgery DC

We previously reviewed a woman who had facelift surgery via local anesthesia in our blog. Did you know that many other facial plastic surgery procedures are routinely performed via local anesthesia? Washington DC plastic surgery patients are familiar with a liquid facelift with Botox®, Dysport®, Kybella®, and facial fillers that are all performed with local anesthesia. However, many of the top cosmetic surgeons also perform several plastic surgical procedures with local anesthesia too.

What surgical procedures of the face can be performed via local anesthesia?

Minor procedures in a limited facial area that is completed within a couple hours are more likely to be performed with local anesthesia. Complex surgery, large body areas, or prolonged surgery is not done via local anesthesia alone. A board certified anesthetist is involved and manages the anesthesia for procedures that require IV sedation or general anesthesia. Cosmetic procedures can be performed in the office or hospital facility.

Cosmetic ear surgery with local anesthesia

During otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery), an incision is made behind the ear. A small amount of skin and possibly ear cartilage is removed, then the ear is reshaped to be less prominent. Internal sutures help keep the new ear shape. A temporary bandage is worn for about a day, then replaced with a soft, elastic headband.

Cosmetic ear surgery for adults can be performed with local anesthesia. – Houtan Chaboki, MD

Blog post - before after 1 week otoplasty cosmetic ear surgery DC

Before and after photographs 1 week after otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery). Plastic surgery was performed in the office via local anesthesia.

This woman had considered ear surgery since childhood. She felt her ears were disproportionate and drew too much attention. She consulted with facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Chaboki, to review options. She underwent otoplasty in the office via local anesthesia. After the initial slight discomfort from the local anesthesia injections, she was completely comfortable during the ear surgery.

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