Nothing gives you a better idea of what to expect from a doctor than hearing what his satisfied patients have to say. Check out the feedback that Dr. Chaboki has received from happy men and women who have come to him for surgery.

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Supportive - Not Pushy

"Dr. Chaboki is a terrific plastic surgeon and doctor. I had concerns about having any surgery and Dr. Chaboki was supportive without pushing me in anyway. Not only were the results wonderful and subtle, but I was in excellent surgical and medical hands. Dr. Chaboki provided extremely supportive care before, during, and after surgery - always available and proactively checking in with me." — Potomac, MD

Puts Anxiety to Rest

"As uncomfortable as a surgical procedure might be, Dr. Chaboki was a true professional and I was as pleased with his patient relations as with his medical skill. Dr. Chaboki took time to put to rest any concerns or anxiety I had over the procedure, he was in consistent contact me before and after, and I was highly satisfied with my results. I can now breathe perfectly thanks to his good work. I would recommend Dr. Chaboki to anyone considering surgical work because of the personalized approach he has to exemplary patient care and results." — Washington DC

Easy to Talk to

"My experience with Dr. Chaboki was very good. He answered all my questions pre and post op. He made time for me, calmed my fears and was easy to talk to. He correctly explained what I would feel post-op in terms of discomfort and pain. He was very patient. I have already recommended his services to a co-worker." — Kensington, MD

Explains Every Step

"Dr. Chaboki was extremely patient, thorough, and meticulous throughout this entire process. He took his time answering all my questions and was very insightful explaining each step of the surgeries. He has forever improved my quality of life and I deeply appreciate his skill and attention to detail." — Gaithersburg, MD

Truly Enjoys His Work

"I am a proud patient of Dr. Houtan Chaboki. I was anxious and nervous with my sinus situation; however, Dr. Chaboki was respectful and stayed on course to properly diagnose and solve my sinus problem. What I appreciate about Dr. Chaboki is he truly enjoys his work. I know I can always call him with any question or concern. He never dismissed my "ideas" and that is a real treasure. I am a new person after having the rhinoplasty. I highly recommend Dr. Houtan Chaboki. Finally, I know what it feels like to have a working nose. Thank you Dr. Chaboki." — Washington DC


"Completely satisfied. Received great care and understanding - high comfort level. Delighted with the results of the operation. Breath better. Elated with recovery. Pleased how Dr. Chaboki answers all questions. Dr. Chaboki possesses magical hands." — Northern Virginia

Makes Himself Available

"Dr. Chaboki's bedside manner was terrific throughout the entire process, from first consultation to post-op, Dr. Chaboki made himself available for any questions and was willing to immediately schedule me for appointments. The actual post-op recovery time was less than expected. I only had one night of discomfort the night of surgery, but the next day Dr. Chaboki removed my packing and I felt little discomfort and slept very well." — Chevy Chase, Maryland

Thorough and Informative

"Dr. Chaboki was very thorough and informative. I felt very comfortable with his diagnosis and the procedure was a success. The staff was also very pleasant and helpful." — Washington, DC

Highly Recommended

"I was very satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Chaboki and staff. The appearance of my ear looks so much better. I highly recommend the services of Dr. Chaboki." — Washington, DC

In Good Hands

"Dr. Chaboki was knowledgeable, communicative, friendly and skillful. I recommend him highly if you are the type of person, and I am, who needs to know they are in experienced hands."


"Fantastic doctor!!! Dr. Chaboki is top-notch. I went to Dr. Chaboki for a filler consult after doing a bit of research. I was getting my regular botox and filler from a doc in Philly while I was living there and he was good. But Dr. Chaboki pretty much ran circles around him in terms of giving me look more lifted youthful and natural look. And all w/ the use of Radiesse instead of Juvederm. He is kind, accredited, and well-versed in his craft. I am so happy I found this doctor."

Upfront and Honest

I have been struggling with chronic sinus infections for a long time. Dr. Chaboki was very honest and upfront about whether or not surgery was a good option for me. It was refreshing.

Patient and Thorough

A physician who takes time to explain the dx and allow for questions is indeed a breath of fresh air. I appreciate that!

Request a consultation online, or call Dr. Chaboki's office at (202) 800-2085 to find out more information about Dr. Chaboki.

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.