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I had such a great experience with Dr.Chaboki! I went in for a non surgical rhinoplasty. I was so nervous about what that meant and how it would look and Dr.Chaboki was so amazing in walking me through the process, all the steps, and helping me feel comfortable in his office. I love the results and am officially addicted to the look. I will definitely be back!

Upper blethroplasty surgery under the skilled hands of Dr. Chaboki was the best decision I made. I was reluctant to undergo this delicate surgery to remove upper eyelid fat deposits, that I was so much more self-conscious of during the mask mandates. Decided to take the plunge and so happy I did. During my consultations, Dr. Chaboki patiently answered my questions and thoroughly explained the procedure. Botox was administered at my 11s prior to surgery. Dr. Chaboki is conservative to achieve natural results. I elected general anesthesia for the 30 minute procedure. I felt absolutely no pain post surgery only swelling, upper eyelid tingling and some bruising that developed. Dr. Chaboki called me later to ask how I was doing. I followed his post surgical instructions religiously and applied ice every hour and Vaseline on the incision sites. At my follow up visit 10 days later he removed the undesolved sutures; slightly uncomfortable - felt a pinching feeling akin to when your eyebrows are being shaped. Within 3 weeks the swelling resolved. I am so very pleased with the results! I cannot thank Dr. Chaboki and his wonderful staff enough. I just turned 60 and I look and feel like a million bucks!! (See my before and after pics)

I really like Dr. Chaboki. He is personable and takes the time to answer all of your questions. His pricing is also reasonable. He has repaired my ears after splitting (2X) from heavy earrings. He also re pierced my ears after complete healing. Two years later I began to develop a keloid near one of the piercings. He treated it as follow-up w/o even charging me the office visit! I highly recommend Dr. Chaboki. A fsmily friend visiting me this summer from TX even plans to make time for an office consultation after seeing what Dr. Chaboki did for me.

I came to Dr. Chaboki for a septo/rhinoplasty a few months ago, due to an extremely deviated septum and chronic breathing/coughing issues. Not only did he improve my quality of sleep by correcting my nose internally- he did an incredible job making it aesthetically beautiful and matched my face perfectly. I highly recommend him, he is the most professional and skillful surgeon in this field. The staff at his office are all warm, caring, and wonderful as well.

I had a wonderful experience at Potomac Plastic Surgery! I had a chemical peel a few weeks ago and my skin looks amazing! The staff is so welcoming and made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in. My chemical peel was done by Rachel - she was amazing and so attentive! She explained exactly what she was doing and made the process 100x times better. I would recommend PPS to all my friends and anyone in the DMV area. You can tell from the first picture of me in the pink to the one of me in the blue just how different my skin is already looking!

I had preservation rhinoplasty with Dr. Chaboki. He did a fantastic job on my nose. I had a deviated septum and my nose was very slanted and crooked. Dr. Chaboki straightened my nose and gave me a septoplasty/ turbinate reduction. It looks very natural, symmetrical and I can breath so much better. It is the nose I think I was born to have, had it not been deviated. I am amazed at how natural it looks. Nothing external was really touched, it was just straightened. The procedure was pretty easy and one week post surgery, I am only slightly bruised. I chose Dr. Chaboki because he was willing to be the least invasive of any plastic surgeon I have gone to. He is the only surgeon who performs preservation rhinoplasty in the D.C. area. I think this preservation rhinoplasty will be the wave of the future. And I am so happy to have waited to do my nose during a time that this method is regaining popularity. Also, the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Chaboki was very understanding of my fear of rhinoplasty and was very informative and helpful regarding every aspect of the procedure. I have waited years to do this procedure and during that time, shopped around and visited almost every plastic surgeon/ ENT in the D.C. area. In the end, I knew Dr. Chaboki was the only doctor for me.

Back in November I went to Dr. Chaboki for the following procedures blepharoplasty, otoplasty, chin implant with lipo. Overall, my experience was excellent. The staff was nice, supportive, and very knowledgeable throughout the whole process. Additionally, Dr. Chaboki had great insight with these procedures and was able to provide me with great advice which made me comfortable.

Excellent doctor. Highly recommended

Hey everyone, Hope everyone reading this is doing well. I came to Dr. Chaboki for a very challenging eye-lid surgery case, he was very honest and transparent with me on my situation, he refer me to his colleague who worked on similar cases like mine. And with Dr. Chaboki I did my right side face fillers and I am very happy and surprise by the result, I wasn’t expecting this kind of results honestly. The staff Tanya and Laura are also very informative, helpful and friendly. I definitely recommend this office if your looking for good exceptional results. This is probably my first reviewing on google so hopefully it helps!! Hekma,

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Dr. Chaboki is honest and talented. He knows what he is doing and will actually tell you if he doesn't think you need a procedure. He is also willing to answer questions and to spend as much time as necessary with you. I've been to him numerous times over the course of several years, and my experience has been consistently positive.

I have previously had dermal filler elsewhere (two other respected board-certified plastic surgeons in the area), and it was extremely painful and left me looking like I had been socked in the face for a week each time I did it. I bruise easily and figured that was the price I paid for deliberately sticking needles in my face. However, the last time I had more significant complications, which is how I found my way to Dr. Chaboki. At the time he convinced me not to do anything that could make the situation worse and to wait things out, and he's convinced me to hold off on other filler for several years running.

Well...he finally did a small amount of filler, and it looks great. Minimal pain, minimal swelling, and I was able to walk into a meeting an hour later with no issue. Same with the Botox...I usually bruise with other injectors, but not here. Since this is not my first rodeo, I can tell you this kind of result takes real skill.
After what happened to me several years ago, I take a while to trust someone, but I trust Dr. Chaboki. I even brought a relative to him from out of town when she needed a potentially major skin graft on her face. Again, he was patient and honest, and spent a ton of time answering our numerous questions. Highly recommend.

- G E.


I came into Dr. Chaboki's office to discuss my options for a Rhinoplasty procedure to improve the profile of my nose after a bad nose break resulted from a soccer injury a few years back. Dr. Chaboki did a great job outlining my options for me and appropriately setting exceptions. In the end, I ended up committing to the Rhinoplasty as well as Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction to help improve my breathing & appearance. All of this work was done in the same procedure, and I can say today that my nose looks great and breathing is much improved. Dr. Chaboki was very thoughtful and easy to communicate with throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chaboki to anyone considering similar procedures, and I plan on coming back for follow up procedures as well!

- John W.


I had chin implant with Dr. Chaboki, and he is very genuine and caring. The procedure went smoothly, and the result turned out very natural. Highly recommend him!

- Ling K.


I was referred to Dr Chaboki for a cyst removal on my face. Apparently, dermatologists don't want to do much in the way of removals on the face to cut down on scarring. He is my dermatologist's go to cosmetic and facial surgeon.

Sparring too many details, the cyst was near my eye and infected and he did a quick and painless job of calming the inflammation and removing the infection. I've not had facial surgery — and I hope to never again — but the scarring is minimal and Dr Chaboki did a great job. I'd definitely recommend for any facial procedures.

- Brent P


I had chin implant with DR Chaboki, he is very genuine and caring. The procedure went smoothly and the result turned out very natural. Highly recommend him!

- Ling K.


I went to see Dr. Chaboki for what I thought would be a routine removal of a cyst on my neck. Turns out the cyst was a rare cellular dermatofibroma and I've had to go back for repeated samples to be removed to ensure negative margins. 

The entire time, Dr. Chaboki has been responsive, patient, kind, and incredibly thorough. He even called me to follow-up about my lab without prompting. His staff is also wonderful, both his awesome assistant Gabrielle and the receptionists are extremely nice and competent.

I was nervous to have this done by a plastic surgeon but Dr. Chaboki is an absolute pro - sent my samples to a reputable dermatopathology lab and spoke with them to ensure best practices. It would have been easy for a doctor to send my samples to a lab that might not have been the right type, but Dr. Chaboki can be trusted 100%. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Jess C.


Incredible surgeon and human. I cannot recommend enough. He is patient, punctual, and really has an eye for natural/beautiful results. I am still in the early stages of enjoying the outcome of a cosmetic procedure I had done with Dr. Chaboki, but it's not a stretch to say this is the single best encounter I have ever had with a medical professional.

- MR.


Dr. Chaboki was recommended to me by my dermatologist. I did a bit of shopping around before getting anything done to compare prices, although it was like pulling teeth to get a price estimate from them. Appointments are on time and efficient. The procedure was easy to schedule (although exclusively during business hours), was done professionally, and is healing nicely. He actually refused to do anything to my nose because he thought the scar would take attention away from my eyes! Although he does not have a warm and fuzzy bedside manner and may not return phone calls efficiently, I think he is a doctor who has his patients' best interest in mind.

- Liz C.


He did a great job with a post trauma evaluation when I had a broken nose and orbital and didn't take my money unnecessarily.  He gave me the option for surgery but told me he didn't recommend it.

I opted to get it two years later.  He did really great work with the Septoplasty to fix my deviated septum.  Was thorough with the explanations and was pretty much pain free.

- Jay D.


I'm writing b/c I had an excellent experience with Dr. Chaboki! I chose Dr. Chaboki b/c his office is very close to my office and saw he had pretty good reviews. He worked on my ear and it looks great. However, I wanted to comment on the customer service. He is extremely punctual and professional and very easy to talk to. I never waited more than 5 min before an apt.

He always asked me if I had any questions and never rushed me during my apt, something I see in a lot of doctors. Excellent customer service; my ear looks great! I would highly recommend!

- Christine C.

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I want to thank Dr. Chaboki for his excellent job! I had a slightly asymmetric nose with a bump. Since it wasn't very noticeable, it didn't bother me a lot. But I always wanted to have a perfect nose. So, I began to search for a plastic surgeon. He was THE ONLY plastic surgeon in my area that met all my criteria. He is conservative in his view-he told me that he is NOT going to reshape my nose into a new one, but he will remove all imperfections making my nose look better. After the surgery there were cotton tampons in my nose, so I had to breathe thru my mouth. This was the worst thing of the whole period. I DID NOT FEEL ANY PAIN! The next day after surgery Dr. removed tampons and I could breathe. On day 7 after surgery the doctor removed the cast. My nose looked straight and thin! And the most important thing is that I still looked myself. It is now 5 weeks from the surgery and nobody (except my husband) knows that I had rhinoplasty.

I'm writing b/c I had an excellent experience with Dr. Chaboki! I chose Dr. Chaboki b/c his office is very close to my office and saw he had pretty good reviews. He worked on my ear and it looks great. However, I wanted to comment on the customer service. He is extremely punctual and professional and very easy to talk to. I never waited more than 5 min before an apt. He always asked me if I had any questions and never rushed me during my apt, something I see in a lot of doctors. Excellent customer service; my ear looks great! I would highly recommend!

I had an unsuccessful rhinoplasty one year ago which left me with an unnatural appearance and a deviated septum. For one year I was very self conscious about my stiff looking nose and frustrated with my breathing problem. Dr. Chaboki examined my nose carefully and told me it could be fixed with a closed procedure with no incision on the outside. It was a difficult surgery involving cartilage removal and stitching a thin piece of dissolvable plastic inside the nose to keep the septum straight for the first six months after surgery. Dr. Chaboki explained the details of the procedure and answered my questions patiently in person and over email. Because he took the time to communicate with me and help me understand my needs, I went into the surgery knowing what to expect. The surgery went well, and I was able to have normal social contact at 2 weeks. I'm now 11 weeks post op. Most of the swelling is gone. I like the way my nose looks, and I'm breathing perfectly well on both sides.

I recently had a very positive experience with Dr. Chaboki when I went to him for Botox injection for my frown lines. During the procedure I could tell how careful and precise he was. I have had botox a few times in the past with other doctors, but was never truly satisfied. Somehow Dr. Chaboki seemed to accomplish better results with less product. Two weeks later VOILA! I had a smooth brow without the unwanted change in eyebrow position. You don't have to worry about Dr. Chaboki "overdoing" anything; he proves that "less is more."

Dr. Chaboki is an amazing doctor and I highly recommend him to anyone needing corrective surgery. First, he has a reassuring bedside manner and really takes the time to answer any questions and describe the procedure. Secondly, he is very skilled, extremely smart, and a real artist. Thirdly, he is completely thorough, informative, and professional. Fourthly, the follow-up care was excellent. He really cares about you as a person, and not just a number. He is up on the latest procedures and very skillful in their use. I can finally breathe without effort, which allows me much more restful sleep. It has also helped me with my allergies; I was getting repeated sinus infections, and I haven't had any sinus infections since my surgery.

Excellent, responsible doctor with natural-looking results. He is extremely cautious in his work -- you won't hear any of the "he scooped my nose"-type stories here. I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty with him; the surgeon's fee was $4000 and the operating room/anesthesia was $1800. Follow-up care was great as well.

I went to Dr. Chaboki considering a rhinoplasty procedure. I had a very large hump on the bridge of my nose which had bothered me my entire life. In addition, I suffered from chronic sinus issues, and a deviated septum. Throughout the entire process, Dr. Chaboki was very considerate and informative. He was always extremely polite and professional, which made me feel at ease with the procedure. When it finally came time to have the surgery, everything went extremely well. The recovery period was short, and smooth, just as explained. Dr. Chaboki stayed in contact with my family and I for the days following surgery to make sure everything went accordingly, which impressed me even further. I am currently nearly 2 months post-op, and could not be happier with the results! They are fantastic. The hump is gone, and I am left with a straight, natural looking nose - just what I hoped for. I am ecstatic. Dr. Chaboki was the best surgeon I could have chosen. I HIGHLY recommend his services.

I'm a newbie at getting anything cosmetic done but I decided to reduce my prominent nasolabial folds as a present to myself. I poured thru numerous online plastic surgeons until I found Dr. Chaboki. He comes Board Certified, he has a very prestious educational background, he masters his trade and he teaches future plastic surgeons and demotologists to perform any cosmetic procedure from the neck up. The consultation is free, the staff is friendly & the atmosphere is welcoming. Dr. Chaboki is a very gentle, skillful and knowledgeable surgeon, he eased my anxiousness by assuring me that I have beautiful skin and the procedure will only be an enhancement. To my surprise, the procedure itself was painless, I only felt a little pressure from the filler filling folds. 20-30 minutes later we were done. Dr. Chaboki handed me a mirror and I could not believe my eyes!Smiling back at me in the mirror was a beautiful woman looking to be around 30-35 yrs old. WOW! I look fabulous! Try for yourself.

Outstanding Doctor. Does not force his patients to do surgery. Great Listener, and excellent results!!

I saw Doctor Chaboki for a recurrent sore throat and ultimately adult tonsillectomy. His friendly staff made getting immediate appointments easy, I was always able to see him same day. His bedside manner was suburb. Appointments never felt rushed and he placed emphasis on answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. He was knowledgeable about different options and helped me decide when surgery was right for me. The tonsillectomy went smoothly and Doctor Chaboki made himself very accessible for questions during the healing process; he even called to check on me the night after surgery and the following morning. I recommend Doctor Chaboki as a knowledgeable doctor who made appointments feel relaxed and helped me feel comfortable through a stressful illness.

April 18, 2018

1. I have had bags under my eyes since 25 that are genetic, and at 39 they made me look 50, so I worked with Dr. Chaboki to use fillers. He answered all my questions, and we did it over a 3-month period so those I see daily didn't notice anything being done. Best to do on a Friday, but I have done them on Wednesday and went to work after since I don't bruise. There is no pain, and it's a simple process, and I feel like 10 years was shaved off me.

August 3, 2017

I'd never had plastic or cosmetic surgery before but was referred to Dr Chaboki for a facial cyst removal. He was thorough and the procedure was painless despite the cysts location near my eye. I'd recommend him again for any facial procedure.

November 26, 2016

I highly recommend Dr. Houtan Chaboki. I broke my septum and two additional bones in my nose in August 2016 due to a major fall. He was able to see me immediately. His compassion and expertise were outstanding. He reviewed my CT scan and scheduled me for outpatient surgery due to the extent of my injury. Dr. Chaboki recommendations pre and post-surgery were thorough. His time frame for healing was right on target with my actual experience. Frankly, I never really liked my pre-injury nose and I had a long term deviated septum, it looks much better now and I can equally and fully breathe via both nostrils. My friends and family have all commented on the appearance of my repaired nose. Dr. Chaboki is a top-notch doctor with the professionalism and expertise that you want in a physician. Caring, kind and outstanding in his field. "Thank you so much" Dr. Chaboki. You quickly changed this painful and upsetting experience around for me. I am very grateful, Joyce, Speech-Language Pathologist.

September 29, 2015

I would highly recommend Dr. Chaboki for any facial plastic surgery I suffered from Deviated Septum for many year; I was breathing from my mouth most of the time and I couldn’t breathe at all from my right side nose. In addition to that, my nose didn’t look normal, it was obviously broken and need to be fixed. I was afraid of doing the surgery. I heard a lot of terrifying stories about the pain especially the pain occurs when removing the gauze pads the day after the surgery. The other thing that I was afraid of was I didn’t want to change how I look and how my nose looks. I just wanted it to be straight and symmetric and this is really what I’ve got. One of my friend recommended Dr. Chaboki for me (she did her Rhinoplasty for Deviated Septum with Dr. Chaboki and she looks awesome and natural) , I went for a consultation visit and he was very nice, professional, and answered all of my questions. After that I saw another friend who did the same surgery with Dr. Chaboki and the result was also great and unbelievable which encouraged me to and schedule the surgery with him. I went home after the surgery in about two or three hours and felt totally normal!! No pain, nothing at all, the only thing that bothered me is that I have to drink a lot of water using a plastic straw. Dr. Chaboki gave me his personal cell phone number incase if I had any problems or questions. I went the next morning to his office to remove gauze pads WHICH LASTS FOR TWO SECONDS WITH NO PAIN AT ALL!! For the rest of the week I felt normal with no pain at all, I even didn’t need to use the pain killer, I only had the feeling of having flu. After A week, Dr. Chaboki removed the cast and I looked to my new nose, I could breathe normally, my nose looks great. Nobody recognized that I had done anything different to my face: it was just Iike what I’ve always dreamed of. Thank you Dr. Chaboki, You are the best.

May 21, 2015

I had septo-rhinoplasty in October of 2014. It's been seven months. I was very nervous about the procedure, but after particularly bad allergies that fall (seemed like I couldn't breathe the entire month of September), I decided to have the procedure to fix my severely deviated septum. Dr. Chaboki was personable, knowledgeable, and very reassuring. The fact that all the staff who worked with me that day assured me that Dr. Chaboki is an excellent surgeon and that I was in very good hands. My experience with Dr. Chaboki was extremely positive and I was very happy with both the functional and aesthetic results. I would definitely recommend both the procedure and this surgeon to others! I felt no need for pain killers within two days and while my nose remained sensitive for quite a while, the recovery was not bad at all, particularly given that my nose was broken as part of the process. While my nose was mostly nice with just a small craggy bumpy part (where it had possibly been broken as a child?), having it straightened out completely eliminated lifelong self-consciousness about my nose. While I doubt my overall appearance changed much - I think the change wasn't very noticeable to most people, who after all aren't staring closely at my nose all that much, yet I noticed it A LOT and the change has increased my self-confidence quite a bit. All that, plus I can breathe so much more easily now. I didn't know breathing through your nose could be so effortless. So - glad I did it, glad I did it with Dr. Chaboki (particularly since he participates with my insurance, reducing the total cost a lot), and I'll go back to him if I ever get around to getting my ears pinned back!