Facial Sculpting

A well-defined jaw, chin, cheeks, and neck help balance the face and create a major part of one’s profile. Dr. Houtan Chaboki performs facial sculpting in Washington, DC, to improve harmony among these facial features. He specializes exclusively in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, which gives him the experience and training to deliver the results his patients from Arlington and Ashburn, VA; Bethesda and Chevy Chase, MD; and surrounding cities want.

To learn more about facial sculpting, request your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Chaboki online or call his office at (202) 800-2085.

Facial Sculpting
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Case: 1 of 9
Before & After Neck Lift Case 154 Front View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
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Lower facelift with chin augmentation and neck liposuction to tighten and sharpen the jawline of an older woman

A double chin gradually develops in many as one gets older. Fat accumulates under the chin, loose skin and muscle of the neck sags, facial bones thins, and glands fall with time. Each anatomic factor plays a different role in each patient. For example, some patients have excess neck fat, while others may have a weak chin bone. As a result, tr... Read More
Before & After Facial Sculpting Case 122 Front View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
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Facial sculpting with Botox Cosmetic to slim the jawline of a younger woman

Botox Cosmetic® is not just for wrinkles. Facial sculpting with Botox Cosmetic® for Washington DC area patients may also involve reducing the size of the lower jaw muscles (masseter). While many patients feel their face is "too fat", large jaw muscles may actually be the primary contributing factor to excess facial volume. Gradual reduction o... Read More
Before & After Facelift Case 331 Right Side View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
Before & After
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Revision facelift, neck lift, fat transfer, chin augmentation in middle aged woman

7 months results with revision facelift and neck lift surgery! Facelift and neck lift surgery is popular in our office. A facelift enhances the face and neck by lifting sagging skin and muscle, in addition to  reducing excess neck fat. Modern facelift surgery commonly includes additional procedures on the chin, cheeks,... Read More
Before & After Facelift Case 234 Right Side View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
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Facelift with facial fat transfer to refresh the appearance of an older woman

Facial skin, fat, and bone change gradually with time to various degrees in each patient to create a saggy and droopy appearance. As a result, plastic surgery treatment options will vary based on a patient's individual anatomy and personal preferences. Plastic surgeons will offer specific procedures so that patients c... Read More
Before & After Buccal Fat Reduction Case 221 Front View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
Before & After
Case: 5 of 8

Buccal Fat Reduction to slim the cheeks of a middle aged woman

Fat reduction is a common request in our cosmetic surgery office. Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures worldwide according to plastic surgery society data. A double chin from excess neck fat is a great area for patients to have liposuction, which both reduces fat and tightens skin. Fat excess of the face, however, general... Read More
Before & After Neck Lift Case 96 Right Side View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
Before & After
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Chin Augmentation with neck liposuction to tighten and lift the jawline of an older woman

Facelift candidates in the Washington DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia areas are always looking for alternatives to a traditional facelift, which has long incisions and a prolonged recovery. A traditional facelift to rejuvenate the neck and jawline used to be the only option years ago. Modern plastic surgeons now utilize a variety of minim... Read More
Before & After Buccal Fat Reduction Case 180 Front View #1 View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
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Buccal fat reduction to slim the face of a younger female

Plastic surgeons are often asked to reduce body fat everywhere, including the neck and face. Excess fat in the face, however, is often not just due to excess body fat or being overweight. Patients are typically born with this excess facial fat, especially in the cheeks. Plastic surgery is often required as this extra cheek fat does... Read More
Before & After Chin Augmentation Case 144 Front View in Washington DC & Arlington , DC
Before & After
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Chin augmentation using a silicone implant to strengthen the jawline of a younger man

A small chin can make the face appear more child-like and/or the cheeks relatively "too fat" or cherub in appearance. Plastic surgery of the chin can help improve facial proportions not only to make a chin larger, but also help for a more balanced face.Chin surgery is primarily performed with an implant. Silicone is the most popul... Read More

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Facial Implants

Dr. Chaboki provides balance among facial features using chin and cheek implants at his Washington, DC, practice.

  • Cheek implants can enhance the midface on their own or when incorporated into other procedures like a facelift.
  • Chin implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes to correct a weak or receding chin and are often combined with rhinoplasty.

Cheek (Buccal Fat) Reduction

While most patients seek plastic surgery to augment or add facial volume to fill wrinkles, some patients are born with too much facial volume or fat. Buccal fat reduction is a minor procedure where excess fat is removed from the mid facial area to create a slimmer face and to enhance the cheeks. The procedure is performed via small incisions inside the mouth. Generally, buccal fat reduction is more appropriate for younger patients who have very full or cherub faces. Both men and women may complain of having chipmunk cheeks, a “baby face,” or looking too young for their age.

Jaw Reduction

Dr. Chaboki offers BOTOX® Cosmetic as an alternative to plastic surgery. This minimally invasive treatment can slim or contour the jaw line by reducing the masseter muscles on the sides of the jaw. BOTOX changes the shape of your face gradually to create a smaller and more feminine jaw line. Results are typically seen after several weeks and maintained for months. Treatment doses for slimming the jaws are typically a little higher than standard BOTOX Cosmetic used for forehead wrinkles or crow’s feet. Jaw reduction or masseter reduction, with BOTOX or plastic surgery, is very popular in Asian countries, such as China or South Korea. BOTOX treatment is performed in the office, and anesthesia is not required.

Houtan Chaboki, MD

Double Board-Certified
Facial Plastic Surgeon

Houtan Chaboki, MD

Certified by both the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Chaboki has extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the face and neck. When you choose him for your procedure, you’re choosing one of the most reputable facial plastic surgeons in DC, as well as a nationwide leader in preservation rhinoplasty.

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Neck Liposuction

In addition to facelift surgery and chin augmentation, a double chin or full, sagging neck may be corrected with KYBELLA® injections or neck liposuction. For younger patients, typically, there is excess fat with or without weak lower jaw bone structure, which may run in the family. Neck liposuction with or without a chin implant can improve the jawline and neck contour. For older patients, a lower facelift with neck liposuction may be more appropriate to create a defined neck and jawline.


Neck liposuction is typically performed while the patient is under IV sedation, either on its own or in conjunction with a facelift or chin implant. Small, hidden incisions are placed behind the ears and under the chin to remove excess neck fat and tighten the skin. The procedure takes less than an hour. A snug elastic dressing under the neck is worn for a few days and then nightly for a few weeks. Most patients resume light activities within a few days.

How Much Does Facial Sculpting Cost in Washington, DC?

Facial sculpting is customized to each patient based on an individual’s anatomy and personal preference. Cost will vary from patient to patient. These variations are usually related to factors such as the extensiveness of the procedure, where Dr. Chaboki performs the procedure, and the individual cost of the cheek implants themselves, if applicable. We offer you a personalized quote at the end of your consultation. You may also learn more about how we determine the price of each surgery here.

Facial Sculpting FAQs

What is recovery like after cheek or buccal fat reduction?

Buccal fat reduction is an outpatient procedure performed with IV sedation or general anesthesia. The procedure usually takes about an hour. Patients require a soft diet during the immediate recovery period. Most patients plan at least a few days or one week off from work. A longer period of recovery may be necessary for combined procedures. Regular exercise or similar strenuous activity is generally allowed after 2 weeks. 

How does cheek or buccal fat reduction enhance the cheeks?

Patients may have poorly defined bone structure due to the excess facial fat. By performing buccal fat (cheek) reduction, the cheeks are allowed to be more prominent. The buccal fat is located in the mid-face, between the lips and cheek bone. Small incisions inside the mouth are used to remove some of the extra cheek fat. Maryland and northern Virginia patients may appreciate the results after a couple weeks, once swelling resolves. 

What is recovery like after jaw reduction with BOTOX Cosmetic?

Jaw reduction with BOTOX Cosmetic is performed in the office without requiring anesthesia. Treatment is performed in a few minutes. Patients may choose to return to work the same day. Some temporary minor bruising or swelling may occur in treated areas. 

How does BOTOX® Cosmetic slim the jawline?

Excess or large masseter muscles on the sides of the face create a masculine or square face, which is less desired by women visit Dr. Chaboki in Washington, DC. [BOTOX Cosmetic placed in these jaw muscles will gradually shrink the muscles over time. Patients typically may see results after one month with masseter reduction and require 2 to 4 treatments per year for maintenance. Overlying sagging skin could also tighten gradually over newly shrunken muscle in some patients. 

Does insurance cover facial sculpting surgery?

Dr. Chaboki provides the finest in both cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery at affordable prices, and participates with most insurance plans. Plastic surgery covers a broad area of medicine, which includes both reconstructive procedures and cosmetic procedures. If your procedure is medically indicated, some portion of the cost may be covered. Our office accepts insurance in applicable cases and will, if you wish, contact your insurance company to find out if your procedure will be covered. Insurance coverage varies greatly for patients, however, facial sculpting procedures are usually generally not covered. 

Can I combine cosmetic cheek reduction or neck liposuction with other facial surgery?

Yes, it’s generally preferred to combine procedures. First, by combining surgery, insurance may cover a portion of the procedure, and you may save money on fees. Secondly, tissue modified from one area may be used for another surgical area, such as fat transfer and face lifting. Lastly, the recovery process following surgery would only be once, and you minimize downtime by avoiding two separate procedures. Commonly combined procedures with facial sculpting surgery include the following: 

When can I resume regular exercise after facial sculpting surgery?

Strenuous activities or exercise after plastic surgery will increase the risk of bleeding, swelling, and bruising, until an appropriate healing time has been allowed. This restriction during the recovery period varies based on the operation performed and patient’s medical condition. Light activities, such as slow walking, may be performed soon after anesthesia. Heavy activity, such as aerobics, yoga, cycling, running, heavy lifting, or similar vigorous activities, is allowed after 2 weeks from the procedure. Contact sports are generally allowed after 6 weeks from surgery. 

Will I need time off work after facial sculpting surgery?

Most patients plan at least a few days or 1 week off from work. A longer period of recovery may be necessary for combined procedures. 

What is recovery like after facial sculpting such cheek reduction or neck liposuction?

Downtime after cosmetic procedures may be a few hours to several days, depending on the specific procedure and areas treated. Office procedures are performed under local anesthesia, if any anesthesia is required. Surgical procedures are performed with either IV (twilight) sedation or general anesthesia and require a longer recovery period. Anesthesia normally wears off within the first 24 hours after surgery. 

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