When Should I See a Facial Specialist for a Broken Nose?

Depending upon the nature of the trauma and extent of the injury, an initial evaluation is normally performed at an emergency room. It is important to check for a septal hematoma (blood collecting around the nasal septum) and assess associated facial injuries. Septal hematomas are special emergencies, which must be treated promptly to prevent worse nasal problems from developing.

If you suspect a nasal fracture, you must be evaluated by a facial plastic surgeon within one week of the injury. Your broken nose may be repaired within one to two weeks from the day of injury. If you wait too long before plastic surgery evaluation, you will most likely need to wait several months before nose surgery in Washington, DC.

Patients with untreated broken noses have an undesirable appearance, as well as permanent difficulty in nasal breathing and congestion. Lastly, patients have associated cuts, bruises, lacerations, abrasions, and skin injuries which need plastic surgery evaluation to help prevent scarring and disfigurement.

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