What is a Nasal Fracture?

Potomac Plastic Surgery

Broken noses typically refer to fractures of the nasal bones; however, the cartilage of the nose and nasal septum may be injured as well. Nasal trauma usually occurs from sports, motor vehicle accidents, falls or fights. Sadly, nasal injuries may also be the result of domestic violence. Dr. Chaboki performs pro-bono work for FACE TO FACE: the National Domestic Violence project, and has frequently treated these types of injuries through his work there.

  • A broken nose may result in a small crack of the bones without any change in appearance. However, a broken nose is usually obvious due to a variety of symptoms and signs, including:
  • The nose appears to be deviated, crooked, or twisted.
  • There is bruising and swelling both inside and outside of the nose.
  • You may experience tenderness, especially at the bridge of the nose.
  • Black eyes (dark bruises around the eyes) may be present.
  • Skin appears to be swollen.
  • There may be visible abrasions, lacerations, or cuts.
  • There may be some nasal congestion.
  • A nose bleed can also occur as a result of a broken nose.

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