What are the treatment options for a Deviated Septum?

Various treatment options are available for patients with deviated septums. Recommended treatment will depend on severity of symptoms, degree of septal deviation, prior treatments, and your medical history. Here are some common treatments:

  • Medication
  • Nasal strips
  • Alternative therapy
  • Surgery
  • Combination of the above

Medication is used when nasal symptoms are minor (intermittent stuffy nose, minor snoring). Initial treatment usually consists of antihistamines, nasal decongestants, and steroid containing nasal sprays. Nasal strips are small, bandage-like tapes have small plastic springs and are worn over the bridge of the nose. The strips have no effect on the septum and they serve to spread the nostrils so that breathing through the nose is easier. While alternative therapies may not cure the problem, they do address the symptoms. Saline drops and sprays loosen mucus, remove pollen, and moisturize the nose. A more effective treatment is nasal lavage, often done using a small pot with a spout. Nasal lavage works by pouring saline solution into one nostril and allowed to flow out the other nostril.

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