What are the different types of eyelid surgery?

There are several types of upper and lower eyelid surgery. The combination of upper and lower eyelid surgery may be referred to as a “quad blepharoplasty.” Dr. Chaboki performs a variety of methods of eyelid surgery to rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes. Eyelid plastic surgery is tailored for each patient.

Upper eyelid surgery has 2 main types:

  • Surgery for the aging eyelid (excess skin or hooding)
  • Surgery for the Asian eyelid to create a crease (double eyelid)

Lower blepharoplasty has a few types:

  • Skin pinch: a small amount of skin from the lower eyelid is removed by “pinching” excess skin. May be performed via local anesthesia in the office. Fat and muscle are not modified.
  • Subciliary: an external incision is placed under the eyelashes, which allows modifications of the skin, muscle, and/or fat.
  • Transconjunctival: an internal incision is placed behind the lower eyelid, then only fat is removed.
  • Fat transposition: does not remove lower eyelid fat from bags, but rather repositions eye fat via a transconjunctival incision.

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