What are the different types of brow lift procedures?

There are several types of brow lift procedures. Dr. Chaboki performs a variety of methods of surgery to rejuvenate the appearance of the eyes. The variation largely depends on where incisions are placed and what tissue is modified during the lift. Brow lift surgery is tailored for each patient.

  • Limited incision: small incisions placed within hair. No skin removed.
  • Endoscopic: small incisions placed within hair. Video camera used to visualize tissue to be modified. No skin removed.
  • Transbleph: incision placed in upper eyelid. No skin removed.
  • Coronal: incision in scalp provides maximize exposure and access to modify the forehead as needed. Skin removed.
  • Direct: incision placed in upper part of brow itself. Skin may or may not be removed.
  • Mid brow: incision placed directly in forehead. Skin removed.
  • Trichophytic: incision placed at junction of forehead and hairline. Skin removed.

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