How are large turbinates reduced with Turbinate Surgery?

Turbinate surgery is designed to reduce its size, primarily of enlarged inferior turbinates. Turbinoplasty is another name for surgery on the nasal turbinates. Turbinate surgery is usually combined with septoplasty, sinus surgery, or rhinoplasty. The inferior turbinate can be reduced in several ways:

  • Directly cutting a portion off
  • Pushing the turbinate outward
  • Removing the inside portion
  • Combination of the above

All methods of turbinate surgery are performed without external incisions through the nostrils and are done with specialized equipment and endoscopic cameras. Occasionally, turbinate tissue will re-grow or re-swell after turbinate surgery, and the procedure may need to be repeated. Dr. Chaboki has extensive experience with these various methods of turbinate surgery.

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