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Turbinoplasty: Reducing nasal turbinates to improve breathing in rhinoplasty

Washington DC rhinoplasty patients choose plastic surgery on their nose for a variety of reasons. Many patients want rhinoplasty to reduce the bump and size of their nose. Some want to narrow or lift the nasal tip. Some want to improve nasal symmetry, either from genetics or prior injury. Most patients, however, want to improve their nasal breathing and appearance of the nose at the same time. Nasal congestion has many contributing factors for each patient. There isn’t one factor that is universal for all patients. Swelling, generally speaking, is a very common factor for many patients. The nose can … Continue reading »

Asian blepharoplasty: Creating a double fold with upper eyelid surgery

Upper eyelid surgery is very popular in Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, and Korea. While the plastic surgery itself is modern, the desire to create a more “open” eye has been present for thousands of years. Many consider bigger or larger eyes more attractive, and patients have used (and continue to use) tape or glue in the upper eyelid to temporarily create a crease or double eyelid for larger eyes. Patient don’t come to the plastic surgeon’s office wanting to appear Western or Caucasian, but rather improve their own natural appearance and maintain their ethnicity. Each patient has their own personal … Continue reading »

Recovery after Kybella treatment of neck fat

Non-surgical treatments have increased in popularity in the eyes, cheeks, and lips over the years. Office treatments of Botox® and facial fillers can rejuvenate one’s appearance with minimal downtime. The neck, however, has been resistant to change without plastic surgery. Fortunately, a non-surgical treatment now exists to reduce neck fat without surgery. Kybella® is an office treatment that gradually reduces fat under the chin without surgery. Whether with surgery or without surgery, Washington DC patients are always concerned about the recovery process after any aesthetic treatment. How much pain, swelling, bruising, etc? When can I go back to school, work, exercise, etc? Even … Continue reading »

Men want to look their best too

Women will always out number men when it comes to cosmetic facial procedures. An estimated 1 man comes to the dermatology or plastic surgery office for every 9 women. However, this proportion is changing as more men take their appearance more seriously. In addition to designer shoes and clothes, more and more men are spending time and effort on cosmetic treatments to enhance their facial appearance. This growth in the male aesthetic demand comes from men in all areas of life: young/old, gay/straight, married/single, CEO/intern, etc. Other than hair, male facial cosmetic procedures typically have 3 main focus areas: nose, eyes, and … Continue reading »

A facelift when your neck gives away your age

Most men and women want to look their best for their age. Some may want to look younger, but no one wants to look “old”. We previously discussed the multi-dimensional factors that contribute to facial aging of the eyes and face. Women can do many things to enhance their appearance without plastic surgery, such as makeup on the face, concealer under the eyes, hair dye, etc. Only men, however, can hide an aging neck with their beard. Non-surgical treatments (ex. facial fillers and botulinum toxin) will smooth wrinkles and soften creases in the face. Unfortunately, there isn’t much one can do, short … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.