Facelift Surgeon Near Maryland Offers Nonsurgical Facelift

Dr. Houtan Chaboki, a facelift surgeon near Maryland, is offering his patients nonsurgical facelift options in addition to his surgical facial rejuvenation procedures.

Washington, DC (June 2011) – Dr. Houtan Chaboki, specializing in facelift near Maryland, is now providing nonsurgical facelift options for women and men seeking facial rejuvenation. In contrast to a traditional procedure, the minimally invasive facelift makes use of the latest treatments, such as Sculptra® Aesthetic.

“Many different factors can result in facial wrinkles, sagging, and lines, from the environment to the aging process to gravity,” says Dr. Chaboki. “When patients tell me that they want to ‘turn back the clock’ and look as young as they feel, a traditional facelift often can achieve that goal.”

Women and men with hectic schedules crowded with commitments, however, sometimes lack the time required to recover and heal from facelift surgery. To address their needs, Dr. Chaboki offers his nonsurgical facelift options.

“For many of my busy patients from Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia, these facelift alternatives are better options. The nonsurgical facelift requires no downtime,” Dr. Chaboki explains, “and I can customize a treatment plan designed to meet each patient’s cosmetic goals.”

For example, patients can save money and time by combining a filler, such as Sculptra Aesthetic, which adds facial volume to areas such as hollowed cheeks, with BOTOX® Cosmetic, which can smooth away those crow’s feet, frown lines, and wrinkles. Other nonsurgical medical spa treatments include Restylane®, another dermal filler, which can minimize folds and lines, and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, which also fills in lines and adds volume. Chemical peels and medical grade skin care products are also a great option for those who want to reduce facial imperfections such as sun damage and age spots.

“I am happy to be one of a handful of facial plastic surgeons in the area offering the nonsurgical facelift,” comments Dr. Chaboki. “I am in the business of meeting the needs of a wide array of patients, and there is increasing demand for nonsurgical options.”

Dr. Houtan Chaboki offers surgical and nonsurgical facelifts and other facial rejuvenation procedures. Request a consultation or call our office at (202) 800-2085 to schedule an appointment.