Dr. Chaboki in the Media

Dr. Chaboki is frequently quoted in news articles and other publications for his perspective on facial plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures. We've collected a few recent examples below.

Neck Rejuvenation Options, pages 5 & 6

Sagging necks are a dead giveaway to signs of aging. Dr. Chaboki provides his expertise on neck liposuction, neck lift, and face lift to remove excess fat and tighten skin. While a growing array of nonsurgical treatment options is available, the aesthetic improvement from plastic surgery cannot be matched for the neck and jawline. READ MORE

Physician Assistants and Plastic Surgery

Physician assistants have taken an important role in medicine over the years. In a New York Times article, Dr. Chaboki encourages caution on the role of physician assistants in cosmetic surgery offices, specifically in spas or offices where cosmetic treatments are performed by a physician assistant without physician supervision. READ MORE

BOTOX Treatment for Migraines

BOTOX has expanded beyond cosmetic treatments. While commonly thought to treat wrinkles, Dr. Chaboki can use BOTOX to reshape and slim the face. BOTOX jaw reduction reduces excess facial volume from large jaw muscles and may also reduce headaches from TMJ and migraines. READ MORE

Reducing Bruising With Cosmetic Procedures

Bruising and swelling are common concerns for many Washington, DC filler patients. Dr. Chaboki provides tips on how to minimize bruising and return to work faster after a nonsurgical facelift. READ MORE

Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

Several factors should be considered when choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Chaboki also suggests considering before-and-after photographs when selecting a plastic surgeon. READ MORE

Silicone Facial Implants

Dr. Chaboki provides some insight regarding silicone chin and cheek implants in cosmetic surgery. He also has worked with companies to create custom facial implants based on a patient's CT scan. READ MORE

Nose and Body Piercing

Body piercing has become more common and plays a particular role in facial plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty. US News interviewed Dr. Chaboki to review on how to care for piercing and what to consider for improved appearance. READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Consultation

Honesty from both patient and surgeon is crucial for a successful plastic surgery experience. As a top 100 RealSelf.com contributor, Dr. Chaboki provides input on patient honesty during a plastic surgery consultation. READ MORE

Financing Beauty Treatments

Dr. Houtan Chaboki, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, discusses some cost saving tips to help maximize aesthetic results while minimizing credit card debt. For example, facial plastic surgery may be seem more expensive than office treatments, but cosmetic surgery is generally more cost-effective in the long-term. READ MORE

Preparing for Plastic Surgery

Many details go into successful cosmetic surgery. Dr. Chaboki reviews several steps to take prior to surgery to help improve recovery. READ MORE

Treating the Turkey Neck

Interviewed by WTOP's Paula Wolfson on cosmetic surgery of the neck, Dr. Chaboki discusses nonsurgical and surgical options to lift the "turkey neck". READ MORE or listen to this CLIP.

Cosmetic Surgery for Senior Men

Women have always outnumbered men in the plastic surgeon's office. However, a growing number of professional men are seeking cosmetic surgery to maintain or restore their youthful vigor. Dr. Chaboki discusses some of the reasons a growing number of men are requesting cosmetic surgery. READ MORE

Facelift Candidacy: Are You Ready?

Dr. Houtan Chaboki, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, explains why considerations such as age, cosmetic goals and overall health can affect patient candidacy for a facelift. People from Washington, DC and surrounding areas turn to Dr. Chaboki for his advanced training and surgical skills. READ MORE

Sex After Plastic Surgery

What activities will be restricted following surgery is an important concern of many Washington, D.C., facial plastic surgery patients. Sex, as well as other strenuous activities, should be avoided in the early days of your recovery. As always, follow the advice of your plastic surgeon. READ MORE

Expert Advice for Younger-looking Skin

Dr. Houtan Chaboki, a facial plastic surgeon in Washington, D.C., provides advice on how to look younger without cosmetic surgery. Following these skin care tips can help improve your skin and maximize the results from facial plastic surgery. READ MORE

Did She or Didn't She? Telltale Signs of Bad Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery should rejuvenate one's appearance, not draw attention to the procedure itself. In this article, Dr. Houtan Chaboki and other cosmetic surgeons give their professional opinions on various celebrities' cosmetic surgery procedures, including face lifts, rhinoplasty and chin implants. READ MORE

How to Decrease Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Dr. Houtan Chaboki explains that a number of new alternatives to Botox® Cosmetic are now available. These products also help relax facial wrinkles during a nonsurgical procedure that can be performed without anesthesia, and results last for several months. READ MORE

Expanded Cosmetic Use of Neurotoxins Such As BOTOX® Cosmetic

In an report on the top aesthetic trends for 2012, Dr. Chaboki discusses alternative uses of BOTOX and Dysport treatments for his Washington DC area patients, that include shrinking large facial or jaw muscles in men and women. READ MORE

Improving Hospital Operating Rooms

Hospital operating rooms are always looking for ways to improve patient care and efficiency. In a series of articles, Dr. Chaboki, among other national surgeons, provided some insight with methods to help improve hospital operating rooms. READ MORE

Beautiful Skin with Common Items

Having smooth skin doesn't need to be costly or always require a trip to the plastic surgeon. Some simple items already in your home may help improve your skin. READ MORE

Prepare for Your Next Plastic Surgeon Appointment

Patients often are ready with a list of questions for their plastic surgeon. However, Dr. Chaboki provides other helpful tips to maximize your next office cosmetic treatment. READ MORE

Reasons Your Doctor is Running Late

Ever wonder why your doctor is running behind schedule? For Dr. Chaboki, it may involve add-on patients with facial injuries. READ MORE

More Men Seeking Fillers to Slow Signs of Aging

Modern Medicine magazine recently quoted Dr. Chaboki about his experience with male patients who choose plastic surgery procedures and nonsurgical options such as dermal fillers in order to become more successful professionally. READ MORE

Job Seekers Get a Lift

Dr. Chaboki provided his insights to Suburban Woman magazine about the trend in job seekers choosing plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures such as Botox® Cosmetic, including the success stories from those patients. READ MORE

When Social Media and Professionalism Collide

For an article on social media and medical professionalism published in the University of South Florida Resident Associate Program newsletter, Dr. Chaboki provides his views about sharing patient information. READ MORE

HMO Morass Changes Family's Lives

Dr. Chaboki's medical opinion is quoted in this article from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette about a young man who sustained major facial injuries during a bike accident, and the problems he and his family have had obtaining full insurance coverage for reconstructive surgery. READ MORE

Sharp Increase in Men Going Under the Knife

In a recent issue of DemoDirt, a popular demographic trends magazine, Dr. Chaboki offers his insights on the rise in cosmetic surgery among men and how it relates to their desire to appear younger in a competitive workplace. READ MORE

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