Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Your face can be the most important element of your overall appearance. Facial plastic surgery offers our patients from Arlington, VA, and Silver Spring, MD, a long-lasting way to look their best. Social stigma and the fear of looking "fake" have gradually faded away as the safety and effectiveness of plastic surgery procedures have improved. Millions of people have included plastic surgery as part of their beauty regimen and have been thrilled with the results.

Your Options

Dr. Chaboki offers women and men the following facial plastic surgery procedures in Washington, D.C.:

  • Brow lift reduces frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and drooping eyebrows.
  • Cheek augmentation enhances the midface for a sculpted look.
  • Chin augmentation gives your face balance.
  • Ear surgery improves the appearance of protruding or overly large ears.
  • Eyelid surgery corrects signs of aging around the eyes, helping you look younger and more alert.
  • Facelift surgery reduces wrinkles and give you tighter, younger-looking skin.
  • Mid facelift, also called a cheek lift, restores fullness and a youthful look to the middle of the face.
  • Facial sculpting improves balance among facial features with facial implants, cheek and jaw reduction, or neck liposuction.
  • Neck lift tightens loose skin and stretched neck muscles, sculpts the jawline, and removes excess fat from under the chin and on the neck.
  • Rhinoplasty changes the size and shape of your nose for improved proportions.

Visit our Facial Rejuvenation Overview to learn about surgical and nonsurgical procedure combinations for the upper, middle, and lower face.

Meet Dr. Chaboki

Dr. Chaboki is a caring surgeon with a strong cosmetic and reconstructive background. Follow him onlineGo

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Meet Dr. Chaboki

Dr. Chaboki is a caring surgeon with a strong cosmetic and reconstructive background.

Read Dr's Bio Consultation Request

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Facial plastic surgery requires a skilled and educated surgeon. With the delicate tissues and highly visible features of the face, a surgeon must be able to make the fine adjustments necessary to produce a result that looks natural. This is why choosing a surgeon that specializes in facial surgery is so important.

Dr. Houtan Chaboki specializes exclusively in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. He has specialized training in the anatomy, physiology, and cosmetic aspects of the face. To learn more about surgical and nonsurgical procedures for facial rejuvenation, request your cosmetic consultation online or call the office at (202) 800-2085.

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