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Septoplasty: Is it a Cosmetic Procedure?

No. Deviated septum surgery is a very common operation, as more than 80% of people have deviated septums. A deviated septum is a medical condition, which may cause nasal obstruction, congestion, snoring, allergy symptoms, or post nasal drip. Septoplasty, surgery on the septum, is an outpatient procedure that helps corrects the deviation. Septoplasty is not cosmetic, and is usually covered by insurance plans. For a majority of patients, septoplasty will not alter or change the external appearance of the nose. No nasal cast needs to be applied after routine septal surgery. Rhinoplasty, surgery on the external nose, will alter the … Continue reading »

Rhinoplasty: Can I Avoid Surgery with Botox Cosmetic?

Botox is applied via a small needle to help relax muscles of the face. It is a quick, safe procedure in the office. Cosmetic results are temporary, only lasting a few months. Big smiles may pull the tip of the nose down, causing a droop. If the tip of your nose bothers you only when you smile, then yes Botox Cosmetic is a possible alternative to rhinoplasty surgery. A single injection of Botox would be given to help relax the nasal muscles which affect the nose appearance. However, Botox will not help with cartilage or bone reshaping. Excess or deviated … Continue reading »

Face Lift: When is it Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular. No longer hidden from the public, everyone is looking at cosmetic surgery for self-improvement. Patients are also getting younger and younger. Some young patients are considering face lift surgery. Most patients in their 30’s are too young for any face lift surgery, including mini lift, s lift, short scar lift, and thread lift. Plastic surgery is usually reserved for more advanced skin aging, even including these minimally invasive face lift procedures. Most plastic surgeons consider face lift surgery starting in the late 30’s or early 40’s for both men and women. More appropriate, if … Continue reading »

Fat Transfer: When Can I get more Fat Injected?

Fat transfer or fat injections in the face is a popular cosmetic treatment for facial enhancement and rejuvenation. Fat is a natural and soft injectable filler that has potential for long term aesthetic results. Fat transfer is commonly performed under local anesthesia or IV sedation. Most patients have swelling and bruising after the procedure, which lasts a few weeks. One can usually have more fat injected, if you feel more volume is needed. Some patients feel they need more fat injected, even before fully healed from the first treatment. Your plastic surgeon may not have injected specific areas of the … Continue reading »

Torn Ear Lobe: What can be done?

A common problem for many women are stretched, damaged, or torn earlobes. Since large earrings are so fashionable, plastic surgeons see many patients requesting aesthetic ear lobe improvement. Earlobe injuries occur from various types of trauma — most commonly from wearing pierced earrings. In some cases, it’s a very elongated hole from the prolonged weight of heavy earrings. In other cases, there is a complete tear through the earlobe. Cosmetic and reconstructive ear lobe problems can be repaired in a simple office procedure performed under local anesthesia that typically takes a few minutes. The incisions are usually closed with very … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.