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Face Lift: Turkey Neck treatment

Treatment options for the turkey neck? A typical sign of facial aging is the “turkey neck” is . Skin, fat, and neck muscle sag with age contributing to the typical appearance of the neck. The “turkey neck” is a more advanced sign of aging. Early signs of facial aging are chin wrinkles, jowling, and subtle fullness under the chin. Traditional face lift surgery with liposuction of the neck area is usually a great option. These traditional face lift procedures have many variations and may be called deep plane, extended SMAS, composite face lift, or subperiosteal face lift. However, there is … Continue reading »

Septoplasty: Perforated Septum Risk?

Having a perforated septum is relatively rare. It is a low risk after septoplasty surgery, estimated to be less than 1%. There are many factors which increase the risk of developing a hole in the septum: revision nasal surgery broken nose, or nasal / facial trauma nasal piercing severely deviated septum, usually from trauma drug or cocaine use chronic nasal decongestant use nasal infection other medical conditions: radiation, cancer, autoimmune disorders, etc A deviated septum is not the only cause of nasal or sinus symptoms of nasal congestion / obstruction. Only after a comprehensive nasal evaluation can a nasal rhinoplasty … Continue reading »

Face Lift: Incision & Types

Which Face Lift is right for me? Maryland face lift surgery has changed over the years, as we better understand the structures of the face & neck. Facelift surgery refers to cosmetic facial surgery of the jowls (lower face) & neck. Although there are many different face lift procedure terms, there are really only a few different types. Some basic face lift types are the deep, SMAS, or composite lifts. Face lift surgery may be combined with other cosmetic surgery such as a neck lift, fat transfer, liposuction, or other treatments. All of the face lifts types have an incision … Continue reading »

Eyelid Surgery: Thyroid Affect Bags?

Can the thyroid gland affect facial appearance? Yes. All thyroid conditions may affect one’s appearance. Thyroid disorders, either elevated/hyper or low/hypo, changes all tissue: mucous membranes, skin, hair, muscle, and bone. Most patients have under active thyroid gland, which may contribute to increase aged appearance. For some thyroid patients, they may have increased under eye bags with a tired appearance, or eyes which seem to pop out of their head. Most plastic surgeons performing eyelid surgery will evaluate for thyroid condition, in addition to allergies, prior to any facial cosmetic surgery. It is very difficult to determine, however, how much … Continue reading »

Rhinoplasty: After Having Septoplasty?

Is rhinoplasty after already having a septoplasty a more complicated procedure? Yes, in general, rhinoplasty after a septoplasty is more complicated. Cosmetic nose job surgery complexity largely depends on exactly what was performed in the original deviated septum surgery, your specific nasal anatomy, and the desired results from cosmetic nasal surgery. Only after a comprehensive examination by a nasal cosmetic surgeon, can he/she be able determine the complexity of rhinoplasty in your particular case. Both septoplasty and rhinoplasty may be “minor” or “major” procedures. There are many variations is each procedure. Having one performed prior to another may make the … Continue reading »

    Houtan Chaboki, M.D.